How to Grow Instagram Followers within 30 Days

Having a large following on Instagram is a magic door that gives way to endless opportunities. It’s a dream job not many people succeed at. It’s an easy way to build a name for you, get to enjoy sponsored travels, collaborate with renowned brands, and get paid to share a photo on your Instagram handle.

But getting Instagram famous is not an easy feat. People have worked countless hours to get to where they are. People who have a large following on Instagram did not get famous without any particular reason. They marketed themselves through their Instagram handle, established themselves as a public figure, and conveyed a stance or a message through their Instagram account to their followers.

But Instagram users are no longer looking for long term growth. They only want one thing, and they want it fast: followers.

So, here’s the million dollar question: how to grow your Instagram followers within 30 days?

The method is simple but requires persistence. Buy Real Instagram followers, You can use the already tested method and with relentless efforts, finally, get a taste of success. We have prepared four tried and tested strategies to help you become an Instagram influencer.

If you make sure integrate the following in your Instagram blogs with complete accuracy, you will be able to increase your followers up to 7 times in only 30 days.

Content That Stands Out

The first rule of growing followers is to have content that stands out. If your content surpasses that of others in quality and quantity, you have better chances of growing followers. The quality of your content wins your followers and regular upload wins you a consistent increment in the number of followers. Be it Instagram or any other social media handle, content that isn’t too mainstream and has the potential to stand out always attracts people’s attention. The perfect post doesn’t exist, the best one does.

The more work you put in behind each post, the more success it will yield. If your Instagram is just another fish in the sea of millions of Instagram accounts vying for huge numbers, then very little will be achieved. Study all about your target audience and do your homework on trends and statistics. The more research you put behind your effort, the smarter and quicker your success rate will be. Create the type of content that clicks with your target audience. Once you start producing good content, your efforts will start to pay off.

Use Hashtags

In every field of profession, no matter how much you master the art of success, you always leave something to be desired. In other words, there’s always room for learning. Irrespective of how good you are, there is always someone better than or at least as good as you. This is where Instagram tools that help boost your post come in. Hashtags are one of those very effective tools. Hashtags categorize your content into relevant categories and make them easily visible to people. The use of hashtags for each of your posts on Instagram will strengthen your chances of success.

For those of you who are new to the concept of hashtags, it is basically a keyword used with the # symbol as a prefix to categorize your content for more Buy instagram  views. It helps users on various social media networks to find a particular type of content from a large variety of posts updated by users on a daily basis.


To build followership on Instagram, it is necessary to interact with fellow influencers. You must like and comment on their posts, comment on their stories and slide into their direct messages, and give them shout outs so you could ask them for some in return.

Be always active on Instagram. Try to reach out to new people. Create content that your audience loves. Your constant presence on Instagram will give your followers a message of regular activity, and that is exactly what followers want from influencers. Get up close and personal with your followers. Try to interact with them one on one. This will increase your credibility as an influencer.

Reach Out to Successful Influencers

Find the influencers you think admirable and reach out to them. The best way to get their interest is to offer something so you could collaborate with them and get the attention of their followers. Successful influencers have dedicated followers and interaction with them can massively help budding influencers grow their Instagram followers in as soon as 30 days.

Building mutually beneficial relationships with successful influencers is a very significant part of growing your followers on Instagram. Once you have a strong relationship with one successful influencer, your following will automatically increase. Secondly, once your following grows other budding influencers will want to collaborate with you to hike up their own followers. In this process, your own followers will also increase manifold.

So far we have covered the basics. With the help of a few steps, we will go through the process of increasing your Instagram followers in 30 days or less.

Step 1: Establish a Stance/ Evaluate Your Message

Influencers market themselves. But you cannot market when you have not established a brand. Every post, every picture needs to signify your stance or send a message. Taking a stance and putting your own perspective out in the open is how you build a brand. Take note of the latest trends and present your on point of view on them. Every brand needs an image or a theme which must be in perfect coordination with your message. Take notice of how the most successful bloggers and influencers on Instagram do it and implement the same techniques to gain a better following.

Step 2: Have a Theme

Create a theme that matches your message. Your Instagram theme must represent what you as an influencer want to tell your audience. If you have a website, have your Instagram theme match that of your website. Use the same apps for editing every single time. Try to be consistent with your colors and filters. Inconsistency in filters and colors will result in a mismatched theme which will put a lot of people off your Instagram handle.

Step 3: Post Regularly

Regular posts are the key to success on Instagram. Posting regularly means frequent interaction with your followers on Instagram and a better chance of growing your followers through interaction with new people. The more you post, the more your posts will get noticed on Instagram. It’s similar to votes in a ballot box. If you put your hand inside and pick up one, what is the probability of picking out a vote for you? It depends on how many votes were cast for you. Similarly, the content people see on Instagram is influenced by the number of posts from each Instagram handle. The more you post, the more likely it is for you to get exposure.

To sum it up, growing Instagram followers in 30 days is a relatively easy feat but requires a lot of dedication. Follow through the aforementioned steps and you will definitely notice a growth spurt in your followers.