PSN Plus card membership: One subscription – tons of perks

If you own a console, you probably already know how entertaining and engaging the experience can be. You get the games you want, play whenever you have time and just enjoy yourself along the way. Yet there’s another option that could further enhance your gameplay and it comes in the form of PSN Plus card membership. This service is centred around improving the time you spend on your PlayStation 4 by giving you access to multiplayer modes and tons of other goodies! 

Free games with PSN Plus card membership

Probably one of the greatest attractions when it comes to the subscription is the two free games you will receive each month. It must be noted that these rotate on a monthly basis and are completely random. This creates a sense of explorative curiosity. Additionally, it could expand your gaming horizon. PSN Plus card membership might intrigue you to download a game that belongs to a genre you might normally avoid. Such gamer’s education process can help one find a new favourite, or at the very least you could have a great time until the next release catches your eye! 

And such surprises are not the only feature that your subscription has in store. Once you download any of the freely available games, they are yours till the end of time. Therefore, each month your PSN Plus card membership expands your library with both known or more obscure titles; even if you don’t feel like delving into certain genre’s games at this moment, there’s nothing to stop you from claiming them anyway. Tastes tend to change, and maybe someday you will crave to delve into a genre that was so distasteful to you before. 

PNS Plus connects friends

One more brilliant and convenient thing when it comes to the subscription is the ability to connect with your friends or even strangers! Nowadays, loads of games are designed to cater to both solo experience and the multiplayer mode, and PSN Plus card membership can give you the best of both worlds! Play with friends using game-together sessions, enjoy the laughs and various situations you may find yourselves in: traverse the wilds of Monster Hunter: World, or maybe step into the fantastic worlds of Star Wars and try to overcome the Empire (or crush the Rebels, whatever floats your star ship). 

Alternatively, you can expand your friend list with the helpful or just plain nice players, perhaps, if you don’t consider yourself amongst the elite yet, you could even snag a professional or two and ask for guidance in learning some top tier tips and tricks for your favourite titles. Simply put, PSN Plus card membership is a great way to connect with other players – both familiar and new – and create a personal network of people who support and help one another. 

PSN Plus card membership saves you money

Discounts are probably the vastest perk that the PSN Plus could get you. Various games and additional content that you can find on PS store come with exclusive discounts that might otherwise not be available. Therefore, even if you didn’t get what you wanted with the free monthly games, or maybe if there’s a new title you desperately want to get your hands on, PSN Plus card membership might offer you to acquire it with a significant discount. If you get your timing right, you may also take advantage of numerous other deals and sales on various marketplaces, and therefore save the maximum amount of money (that you can put towards new games, and the cycle of life continues). 

Games are far from the only addition that you can invest your funds into. Another element of the PS Store is the additional content which comes in the form of expansions. So, assuming you have a game that is near and dear to your heart, you can get new content for it, again, taking advantage of PSN Plus card membership and ensuring the game will not get stale anytime soon. Maybe you will unlock new maps, or decide to get additional class for your RPG, or even decide to splurge on tons of aesthetics for your beloved character. PSN Plus is always there to spice up your gameplay experience in a variety of ways! 

Flexibility of PSN 

One last note: your saved games can be kept on the cloud storage. This ensures you never have to struggle with file-transfers, memory card issues or any of the uncomfortable mechanics that plagued older consoles and services. Now, to utilize the PSN Plus card membership and the available cloud storage, all you have to do is select and upload your game data to the cloud. Afterwards, even if you switch consoles, or want to access your saved games in a friend’s house, all you have to do is log into your account and they are right there – easy and convenient. 

All in all, PSN Plus membership can offer many things that are quite borderline important for any gamer alike. You get new games, rotating deals and discounts, as well as freedom to migrate with no fear of losing your progress and starting from scratch. If you’re amongst the newer PS4 players or are just thinking of acquiring the console – we highly incentivise you would consider giving PSN Plus a try. And if you’re amongst those that have already had the pleasure to collect the membership’s benefits, you know that it’s an inseparable part to having a completely fulfilled gaming experience at hand.