Loft Extension Prices Guideline for Homeowners

Most homeowners aim to have more space especially when the family is growing bigger or when they accumulate more household items. Loft extension is a great option because it does not require more land space, which you might not have. With the help of a professional architect, the loft area can give you ample space for a study room, extra bedroom, gym space, or storage.

However, you should carefully consider the cost by exploring the loft extension prices and guidelines of different companies. Do not worry if you are new to loft conversions. This article has the right insights for you.

What Determines the Loft Extension Prices?

Frankly, there is no one definite price for a loft conversion. The cost varies depending on several factors. Knowing them will help you to come up with an estimate. However, there are two ways to know the exact price, and we will look at them later. So, here are the factors that determine the cost of loft conversion.

  • Size of the house – It is a no-brainer that a big house involves more architectural design and construction work than a smaller house. Therefore, each size has its price. However, some slightly smaller houses might cost more than a bigger house if the preferred design is complicated.
  • Preferred design – Complicated loft designs will have a higher cost. Although there are designs and themes with set loft extension prices, many people prefer custom designs to suit their needs. Hence, it is best to talk to a professional architect to help you determine the price of your design. Experts from Humphreysandsons can walk you through the process of loft conversion at budget-friendly rates.
  • The service providers used – Highly experienced service providers such as architects and builders charge slightly higher prices than new entrants into the industry. So, their price chart will differ even when the job scope is similar. However, it is worth considering value for the money rather than the prices.

Turn to a Loft Conversion Cost Calculator

One of the ways to know the exact loft extension prices is through a calculator included by the service provider on their website. It uses integrated algorithms such as the factors we have discussed above to come up with the price.

Some of the entries to make on a loft extension cost calculator include the size of the house, preferred design, total estimated cost of the house, location of the house, number of windows preferred, type of stairs, and types of materials. When all the entries have been made, the software will give an estimated price that can change after discussions.

Discuss Loft Extension Prices with the Experts

The only way to get the actual loft extension prices is by obtaining an actual quote from the service provider. Although they might have a price guide for small, medium, or big conversions, it is prudent that they assess your loft, discuss your requirements, and come up with the right figure.

Fortunately, many, if not all, professional architects are willing to give loft conversion prices to interested parties. So, after getting a rough estimate from an online loft extension prices calculator, follow up by getting a quote.