How to Reduce Your Carbon Footprint 

There are many ways that we are all able to make changes to help with Carbon footprint but you may be wondering what you can do to Reduce Your Carbon Footprint. Some things are so much simpler than we may think and if we were all to make similar changes in our lives and the way we use energy sources then we will probably be surprised at how much Carbon Footprint can actually be affected. It would take an effort on a huge scale to be able to make a significant impact to the earth but if we all do our bit and individually consider the actions we can take then we know that we are playing our part. 

The large majority of the population probably own a car, some households two, three maybe even more. When we drive to work, take the children to school or do our daily errands the gases and emissions released by each of those cars is contributing an unimaginable amount to the Carbon Footprint. If each household was then to make a simple but effective change of walking or cycling, that would help dramatically reduce Carbon Footprint. Walking to the local school or the nearest shop would be so much more economical then taking the car. If walking isn’t possible and it is just that little bit too far then maybe consider using public transport. A bus or train can carry more people at one time and even though there will still be some emissions released into the atmosphere it would still be considerably less than that of a single car per household. 

Another popular household item that again is used worldwide is technology devices. This includes phones, tablets, computers or laptops. Technology devices take many forms and at some point during use they will all need to be plugged into an electrical source for charging or power. We are probably all guilty of plugging in a device then taking it out but leaving the plug in the socket and draining the power without actually using it to charge a device. Again, if we consider this for every device and every household the amount of power being wasted is massive. Just by simply removing the plug from the socket could help significantly towards reducing Carbon Footprint. 

A vital source to a working household is that of water but water usage can contribute to Carbon Footprint. We want to lower the amount of energy used to pump, treat and heat water around the house. We can do this by making water efficient choices when buying shower heads, faucet heads, toilets, dishwashers and washing machines. Each of these household items involve some form of water energy and we may even use some of these several times in a day, especially if we live with other family members. When the weather gets warmer we may fill a paddling pool for the children or use water to feed the plants, there is nothing wrong with doing this but just by being more considerate and using these machines and objects effectively then we can be sure that we are playing our part to reduce Carbon Footprint.