Which sportswear is more than just a fashion statement?

When we are working out at the gym or at home, we want to look good. Of course, getting fit is the primary aim but everyone still wants to be looking fresh when doing so. With this in mind, there are lots of cool sportswear that can help you get in shape while looking the bomb. From ultra-cool sneakers to trendy sunglasses, the list is endless. But what about the sportswear out there that does more than this? We’re talking about the clothing that not only makes you feel and look good but also delivers more, including sportswear that has innovative technology added and creative design touches to make you perform better and workout more safely.

Luckily, the sporting world is crammed full of such products from some of the top brands around. Many use cutting-edge techniques and materials to deliver sportswear that is both great looking but also useful to athletes. If you want to know which sportswear is more than just a fashion statement, the below should give you a good idea.

Tommie Copper compression wear clothing

Compression wear is a classic example and the Tommie Copper brand is the biggest around – it is worth taking the time to learn more about Tommie Copper and what they offer. As well as looking amazing, this sportswear helps to support the body when exercising to keep it safer. It also helps to aid recovery afterwards and reduce post-workout stiffness. Compression wear can be worn under normal gym clothes and is available in a wide range from compression socks to undershirts and beyond. Even better, compression wear can be worn under normal everyday clothes to help aid recovery and support your muscles when going about your daily life.

Nike Zoom Pegasus Zero sneakers

If you need something to hit the gym or run in, then these Zoom Pegasus Zero sneakers offer more than plain good looks. While other sneakers may rely on their appearance, these from Nike are packed full of outstanding tech to help you perform. They are made from extremely lightweight material which is superb for reducing the load on your feet as you run and makes them exceptionally comfy. An innovative beveled heel gives a smooth heel-to-toe action and a waffle pattern outsole ensures you always have the grip you need when pushing off. The ideal combination of tech and stunning design, these are a seriously handy pair of shoes for a workout or run.

Heated jackets

When it gets a bit colder outside, you may still want to exercise. If you regularly go for a run or like to cycle most of the year, staying warm is a key concern. Until now there wasn’t really any dedicated sportswear to help with this. Now some has hit the market and are proving very handy for exercising in colder weather. Heated jackets have smart sensors and thin pads inside which helps the temperature of the jacket adjust to what the wearer wants. They also look pretty cool too so you can still workout in style!

Fitness trackers

Although you may not think of this as sportswear as such, it does fall into the category. After all, lots of people wear popular brands like Fitbit to the gym when working out or going for a jog around their neighborhood. There is no doubt they have fabulous designs and look very trendy on the wrist. However, they deliver more than just good looks. Fitness trackers help you to monitor your vital statistics and performance as you workout. This allows you to not only see how you did but also to see how you can improve or compare your performance to previous occasions.

Nadi X Yoga pants

It is fair to say Yoga is a big deal in fitness and there is a whole industry around the sportswear designed for it. Yoga pants is one area where lots of money is spent but the Nadi X pants from Wearable X offer something different. When worn, sensors built into the pants gently vibrate as you move to guide you into the correct posture. The pants synch up with a Yoga app on your phone so they know exactly which posture you should be in! As well as looking great, these will ensure you hit the perfect position everytime when practicing at home.

Sportswear can do more than just look good

As the above shows, sportswear can do lots more than just look good. With all the technology around, it seems only a matter of time until we see more innovations in sportswear clothing. Of course, it should always make you look cool when worn but offering a bit more than that is key for fitness wear in the modern age.