What to Wear For Playing Golf

If you’re going to be playing golf for the first time, then what to wear is probably the biggest question on your mind. If you’ve been invited to play golf by a friend, making sure that you turn up looking the part is important, however, the last thing that you want to do is overdo it with your golf dress style. We’ve put together some top tips for choosing what to wear on the golf course.


Golf Shirt

When it comes to golf wear, a golf shirt is a wardrobe staple. Golf shirts are available for both men and women, and the golden rule for most golfers is that the shirt must have a collar. However, there’s no need to worry about going to a special sports shop to find your golf shirt – polo shirts are a perfectly acceptable choice, and they’re usually quite comfortable to wear whilst playing.

Golf Hats:

You’ve probably seen many professional golfers wearing hats on the golf course, however, a hat isn’t an essential part of your golfing ensemble. But, if you’re going to be playing golf on a hot day, then be aware that wearing a hat or baseball cap will help to protect your face, eyes and neck from the blazing sun. Just remember to make sure that the peak of your baseball cap is facing forwards. You can also wear sunglasses to make playing in the sun easier.

Trousers or Skirt:

When it comes to choosing a pair of bottoms to wear for playing golf, this is where you will need to be a little bit choosier. At the majority of golf clubs, you won’t be allowed to play wearing denim jeans or tracksuit bottoms, for example, so pick a nice pair of chinos, golf trousers, or a sports skirt such as a tennis skirt, which will be the most comfortable and acceptable options.


You’ve probably got an outfit that’s acceptable for playing golf somewhere in your wardrobe, however, when it comes to your footwear, you may need to go shoe shopping. Most golf clubs will require players to wear professional golf shoes when playing on their well-maintained greens. Be aware that many clubs won’t allow golf shoes with metal spikes, either, as this is more damaging to the ground. However, you are likely to get away with wearing a pair of regular tennis shoes or trainers.

Dress Code:

If you are going to playing golf at a golf club, then you may need to adhere to a sport dress code. Although the above is usually applicable wherever you are playing golf, there’s no ‘one size fits all’ policy when it comes to what you need to wear on the golf course. If you’re unsure, the best option is to get in touch beforehand so you know what and what not to wear.

Deciding what to wear for playing golf can be tricky if it’s your first time. Although it’s flexible, it’s important to stick to these basic rules of what to wear on the golf course.