Important Home Repairs Many People Neglect

When you talk about home improvements, most people immediately think about a kitchen remodel, changing a sink or shower, putting in a pool, or renovating a basement. Although these things certainly qualify as home improvements, they are often done at the expense of doing other things which might add much more to the comfort and well-being of a homeowner.

Here is a list of not too obvious home improvements that can increase the comfort level of a home and add to its value too.

A new roof

Perhaps the roof of a house is neglected so often because you rarely see it. Because it is on top of the house it can certainly be a case of out of sight and out of mind. Or perhaps it is because people think that roofs last forever. Whatever the reason too often the roof of a house is neglected. In fact most of the time that homeowners realize they need a roof, is when there is a leak inside the home. When this happens Panic ensues and the homeowner calls a roofing company to immediately come and repair replace the roof. The problem is that by the time a leak is seen by the homeowner, there’s a good chance that there are leaks in the roof already that are not seen by the homeowner, and there is water damage somewhere in the home. This water damage can cost many times what it will cost to repair or replace the roof.

For this reason it is important to have your roof inspected every 3 to 5 years to determine the state of your roof. An expert will let you know how much longer your roof will function well, and if you currently have any leaks or areas that are over worn. At that point a simple inexpensive patch can fix your roof and avoid any costly damage to your home. The added benefit is that if you sell your home after replacing your roof, you can add the price of that new roof into the selling price of your home.

Replacing windows

A good quality set of windows will last a decade or more. Over time Windows lose their seals, wear out from the constant opening and closing, or newer windows with new features become available causing your current Windows to be obsolete. Buying a new set of windows also has a practical benefit. New windows will create a Tight Seal on your home, keeping in heating and cooling and causing you to save money on electricity.  Some new windows are so efficient at ceiling in heat or cool that they pay for themselves in a few short years. So one smart home improvement is to check your windows and if they are in need of replacement, buy some at a company like Community Builders Tulsa who provide high quality windows in all shapes and styles.

Painting the exterior of your home

A good exterior paint job last very long time. If you hire the right professionals you can expect their work to be good for about 7 Years. They will use quality paints that will stand up to the environment where you live. Also having a newly painted home will impress your neighbors. You should also consider options besides paint. These include sidings. Aluminum and wood sidings have been popular in many parts of the country because of their ease of upkeep and longevity. Good siding will last 12 years or more in most climates. If you have extreme weather or humidity however these products may not last as long, but they will always last longer than painting. Whichever option you decide, know that it will improve the value of your home and make it more beautiful as well.

These home improvement options or not as sexy as some of the others, but they do make your life more comfortable and add to the value of your home.