Reasons To Stay Or Go During House Extension

Last year my wife and I were faced with the same dilemma which many couples go through, deciding whether to move home, or extend our existing home, in order to give us more space. In the end we decided that the best course of action was to get the guys in from CBI Tulsa, extend our current home, to avoid all of the upheaval which moving homes would have caused.

When you plan a house extension, is is tough going and you need to be smart when taking various decisions. One such decision which you must spend time considering, is whether you will stay in the home whilst the work is being completed, or whether you will move out. Let’s take a look at each option.

Staying at Home

Staying at home is something that we did for the duration of the work, the reason for this being continuity, staying at home, and getting on with our daily routine as per usual was something which were keen on doing. With this being said, living on a live construction site is not something that I would recommend that you do, and it certainly caused us a lot of problems. The main reason for staying in the home was that the extension was actually being completed at the other end of the home from where we slept and relaxed. In spite of this, we did have regular power outages and cut off of water and gas. My recommendation would be that you try to spend your time outside of the house whilst this work is being undertaken.

Moving Out?

When you think about moving out, you must be aware of the cost that this could require. If you have family or friends with whom you can stay with during this time, that would of course be the best situation. Moving out of the house whilst this work is being undertaken is not just about avoiding the risks attached with living on a building site, but also so that you will be able to get that real wow factor when you return to the property.

The only problem that moving out could cause you, is that you will need to be on hand to fix problems, offer suggestions and make decisions, so you won’t be able to go too far away. Whist this means that you may have to return to the property quite regularly, so you need to stay close.

Ultimately I believe the best decision here, if you are able to do it, is to move out of the property and give the workmen free reign to get on with the job in hand. Not only will your absence mean that the builders can do their job better and quicker, it will also help you avoid the risks. Living in the property when work is being undertaken causes all manner of issues which are not fun to live through, head out of the home and aid the process.