Is Organization Your Strong Suit in Running a Company?

Being the owner of a small business is a major responsibility.

With that in mind, how organized are you when it comes to running your company?

If you’re a little unorganized here and there, it tends not to be a problem. Being too unorganized can make your company ripe for failure.

Where Do You Need to Be More Organized?

In reviewing where you may well need to be more organized in the workplace, look at the following:

  1. Tracking daily operations – How good of a job do you do with tasks like daily operations? From your sales and data and the right deal tracking spreadsheet to what you’re spending on supplies. Make sure your data proves to be correct and organized. Being unorganized in sales and your revenue stream can be the kiss of death. That is if you’re not careful. If organization is not your strong suit, having one in the company like an office manager or another role is key. You do not want to be wasting money, missing out on revenue and so on because you fail to be organized. 
  2. Hiring the right people – Do you play a major if any role when it comes to new hires? Depending on your schedule, you may leave the hiring decisions to others. If so, it is important to convey to them what you are looking for when bringing new people into the company. Having the right people in the right positions is critical to the success of a company. Too many bad hires can upset the cart and make for a bad business if one is not careful. You should be looking for individuals that exceed qualifications. It is also good to hire those who are good fits with the team you already have in place.
  3. Meeting customer demands – Also make it a priority to meet the demands of customers. This means for one that orders are handled on time. One thing that can turn off a customer is if they have to wait an exceedingly long time to get their orders. Also make it a point to steer clear of too many billing errors. Such mistakes can turn some customers off to the point of them not coming back again. Most customers expect to deal with an organized business that has its act together.
  4. Being ready when tax season comes – Last, most people dread the thought of tax season coming in the spring. That said you may well like it if a refund is coming your way. So, make sure you have all your tax paperwork ready to roll. If you have one doing your taxes, the last thing they want is paperwork from you that is wrong, missing and so on. Keep such paperwork orderly during the year and when you receive tax documents. This will make it much easier to get everything added up and filed when the time comes.

In running your company, how much emphasis do you put on being organized?