William West Seegmiller – Why Now is a Great Time to Launch That Small Business

If you have long dreamed of opening up your own business then right now may very well be the opportune time for you to do exactly that. But wait, there’s a pandemic going on isn’t there? Whilst this is all too true, this shouldn’t necessarily be a stumbling block in your path to success. William West Seegmiller has been working to help small businesses reach their goals for success for many years now and he has been very vocal about why now is a great time for people to finally go after that business that they have long dreamed of, and here is why. 

Ready and Willing Customers

It is no secret that many businesses have been forced to close their doors as result of both the pandemic and the lockdown which followed. Whilst those businesses may have gone, the customers are still there and many are seeking new brands and companies to trust. This gives new business a great angle into the market and the promise of some custom right from the get-go. 

Equipment and Premises

There is s lightly uncomfortable feeling about acquiring equipment from businesses which haven’t made it through this tough time but ultimately we have to recognize that this is simply how business works. There is a very real opportunity here for new businesses to greatly trim down their start-up costs and also to secure premises which they may not have been able to afford previously, or even have the opportunity to enter into. 

New Normal Conditions

The big fear which many new businesses will understandably have is how they can set up a new business when so many old businesses are falling victim to what is happening with the pandemic. This however is based on the fact that those business were set up prior to the pandemic and therefore had to try and navigate this change when it hit. What you will be doing however is setting up a business under the new normal conditions and that will most certainly give you a better chance to do well than those which were established prior to lockdown. 


Whilst it has not been announced just yet there is a general understanding that in the coming months and years governments will be looking to incentivize new businesses. This may come in the form of funding or tax breaks but it will be essential to do in order to kickstart the economy. Governments have been lending money to individuals and businesses to support them during this downturn and that money will have to come back somehow. The key to a booming economy is getting businesses up and running and getting people to spend money, in order to do that we should certainly see some moves by government to help with the creation of new businesses. 

This could be the perfect time for you to set up that business which you have always dreamed of.