Jack Elway has this advice for anyone trying to break into college football

It’s something that can boost reputation, riches and pretty much everything else. Of course, college football is by no means an easy field to get into.

It’s only the very best in the country that get there, and even then there are years of sustained work to ensure that they stay there.

This is something that Jack Elway knows only too well. Coming from a family who already had an immense reputation in football, he certainly had the sport engrained in his brain from a young age.

As we’ve already spoken about, he will have had to invest considerable work in getting to this stage though. Bearing this in mind, we are now going to take a look at some of his best advice for any budding college football players who want to take their game to the next level.

Sleep is of paramount importance

Let’s start with one of the easiest suggestions one could think of. When we say easy, we’re referring to the ease in which the typical person can implement it into their life.

In short, the nation is seriously devoid of sleep. The optimum sleep level is eight hours, and most of us are struggling for six.

For the budding athlete, this poses a major problem. Firstly, any training that occurs the following day is going to be performed much more poorly. Then, when it does come to bedtime, the pace in which your muscles develop following your training is going to be impacted. In other words, a lack of sleep severely inhibits muscle growth.

Rest is something else you should focus on

Something else that is often overlooked, but is just as important, is getting sufficient amounts of rest.

When we talk about rest, we’re not referring to it in the sleeping sense. Instead, it’s all about how you rest from your training.

Sure, it’s admirable attempting to hit the gym every day, but your body will eventually crash and need a break. In fact, it could be argued that if you don’t get that break, you are going to psychologically crash as well.

Let’s quickly hone in on the physical repercussions though. This follows a similar thought pattern to the sleeping topic we looked at previously. In other words, your body needs adequate recovery time. If you are constantly lifting weights and performing other forms of training, you are neglecting to give it this. It means that it won’t develop accordingly, and the chance of succumbing to injury also increases.

The elusive training and nutrition

We’ve spoken a lot about training through this guide and whilst it might be obvious, it still needs to be included. That and nutrition are the cornerstones of a successful college player and without them, regardless of their general level of skill, they’re destined to fail.

Of course, each fitness and nutrition plan will vary enormously. Some players may have to eat bucket loads in a bid to get up to size, while others might have to cut back.