Why choose glass over other materials for your pool fencing?

When you’re installing a pool at home, it’s vital that you also choose appropriate pool fencing, to help keep it safe for younger family members. A pool is meant to be a relaxing space to enhance your home, so the last thing you need is to be constantly watching it nervously. A fence helps you enjoy peace of mind, as you know it’s protected. But which material should you choose? Traditional wood or metal, or maybe a more modern solution, like glass?

Glass looks better

Simply put, glass looks better than other pool fences. It’s sleek, contemporary and adds a real modern aesthetic to your home, whereas a metal or wooden solution can look more imposing. The transparency of glass also helps create the illusion of space – if you use an opaque material, it feels like it takes up more of your garden, while glass almost feels like it isn’t there. This also stops your pool from feeling like a separate feature of your home – instead helping it to blend into your garden space rather than looking out of place.

Easier to maintain and clean

Choose a wooden fence for your pool, and it’ll eventually rot or develop a fungus, no matter how well you care for it. Metal fences will ultimately succumb to rust. Both of these options can lead to infestations in your actual pool and make it less safe to use. Choose a frameless glass fence and you don’t need to worry about rot or rust, so maintaining it is a lot easier in the long term. It’s also really easy to clean too, so it’ll look its best without needing as much effort from you.

Effective as a safety barrier

A common misconception is that glass pool fencing can be fragile, but that’s not the case. Only tough, thick glass is used, so it’s built to last and provides a strong barrier. It’s also hard to climb, so inquisitive children won’t be able to scramble over the fence when you’re not looking, meaning you can truly relax when they’re in the garden. And because it’s transparent, it’s easier to keep an eye on your pool, to make sure that no one is in the water when they shouldn’t be. So not only does it look great, but the transparency makes it safer too.

Custom design to fit your home

If you opt for glass pool fencing for your home, you’ll be able to get custom-measured panels to fit your garden space. Not only does this help it look good, but it makes it safer too. The fact that glass pool fencing has no edges means that it can be fitted with no gaps – so there’s less exposed material for younger family members to trap a finger in, or otherwise get an injury. And because it’s measured to fit your pool, it’ll form a tight border with no spaces for children to sneak through.

With all these benefits, be sure to consider installing a glass fence for your pool.