How to Lead a Happier Life

One of life’s greatest pursuits is not that of a career or gaining power or money, the greatest pursuit that we have in life is to find happiness. Perhaps for you, power money and a great career equals happiness, for many others in is family, personal achievement or a great many other things. Many of us however can find happiness anywhere, we just need to tap into it. Life can be stressful, working hard and trying to find time for our families and friends, we can often forget about our own happiness. If you feel like you could do with a little happiness in your life then here are some tips on how to go about it.


Give Something Back

One of the best ways to find some happiness for yourself is making others happy and if you can help a charity or an organization then you can feel a great sense of personal reward. There are charities and groups who do great things in the World and with a small donation you can really help out. Take the Synagogue Church of All Nations (SCOAN) they rely heavily on donations and put the money to work in the World, they gave $500,000 in disaster relief to Ecuador after this year’s earthquake and they sent hundreds of humanitarian workers to offer aid in Haiti in 2010. Without the kind donations of many this would never have been possible, imagine that simply writing a cheque could help someone out on the other side of the World, truly rewarding.

Get in Shape

The notion that fat people are jolly is something that should be dismissed as nonsense, people who are overweight may have happiness in their lives, but generally speaking, they are not happy. There are so many health benefits that come with lose weight that will help you to feel more confident, more energetic and ultimately happier in your own body. If you are overweight and looking for happiness then start at the scales.

Fake it Till You Feel it

It may sound strange but you can actually think yourself happier and the fake it till you feel it approach has been known to succeed. Feelings directly follow actions so if things are bad then paint a face on and you will soon see that your happy feelings will start to match that fake smile.

Buy Happiness

They say money can’t buy happiness, this is wrong, money cannot buy joy but it can buy happiness and if you need a boost in your happy levels then go out to the shops and buy yourself something nice. It can literally be that simple to put a smile back on your face. It is important to understand the role that money can play in our pursuit of happiness, it is not of course, the be all and end all of happiness but having it can go a long way to helping you be the happiest person that you can be.