Top Career Choices for Creative People

Choosing a career is never easy and you’re going to be faced with quite a bit of pressure when it comes to making a selection. The unfortunate truth is that many go through life without ever truly knowing what they want to do, this can lead to working in a job that make you miserable so it is worth trying to choose early on. Your career choice should match your passions and more importantly your characteristics and today we’re going to focus on career choices that are available for those with a creative mind. Here are our top picks.



The musician Tom Hess probably put it best when he laid to bed the theory that making a hit song that is played on the radio is the only way you can become a musician, this is completely wrong and in fact becoming a musician is far easier than many think. Getting into the industry is not about luck or timing, well perhaps a little, but it is more about hard work. To work as a musician you need to master your instrument, network well and study hard, becoming a musician is about putting yourself in situations where you can find work, nobody will hand it to you just because you can play the guitar well.


Engineers are the ultimate creators, they plan, design and construct everything man made that you see around you, they create infrastructure, medicines, software and work at the cutting edge of technology. In order to be an engineer you need to have a mind that seeks to solve problems and constantly seeks to reinvent things, additionally you will need to have a strong grasp of science and math as they largely feature in all branches of engineering.

One of the most in demand branch is in the software engineering sector. A software engineer typically creates software by applying engineering principles. Those who are into proramming and software development will not only find this job exciting but also challenging. The average salary for a software engineer can also be appealing as this is known as one of the highest paid jobs.


The internet has paved the way for anyone with a passion to write to be able to have a career doing what they love. The traditional writing paths of authorship and journalism are still great career choices but they can be tricky to get started in such is the demand for jobs. If you decide to work online however you can start your own blog and write daily musings or alternatively you could work as a freelance writer. There is a lot of need for writers online and equally, lots of websites that can put you in touch with those looking for professional writers.


There are lots of different areas of design that you can choose depending on your specialization, you could work in interior design, graphic design, floral design, film and TV set design or even costume and fashion designing. The important part of working as a designer is that you find your own unique style to give your designs and make a name for yourself. It is important that you strive to be unique and work hard at college to get strong grades. There is more demand than there is jobs in these fields and you will need to stand out, make sure that you network well in the industry to give yourself the best possible chance of success.