How to Manage Stress With Women? My Top Three Tips

Managing stress with women does not always happen in the same way or in the same manner, but it is very often present. The good news is that there are ways to relativize and overcome this emotional scourge.

When it comes to seduction, the fears of failure, rejection and disavowal are often obstacles to the expression of our entire personality. It may indeed seem difficult to approach a woman and highlight a real charisma while a slew of questions cross your mind.

Today, I will try to list a number of tips and methods to evolve without psychological constraints, to feel good about yourself in front of an interlocutor, even if they seem impressive at first sight.

1. Manage Stress by Not  Over-Thinking

Whatever the starting situation, approaching a woman and making conversation with her is always a personal challenge. It is necessary to be able to open up and especially to instill a momentum of naturalness and lightness into the exchange.

You’ve probably heard about the 3-second rule, right? This is obviously where I am coming from. When you think too much, you get lost in a meander of questions. Your main asset to fight against stress is responsiveness !

Do not allow more than 3 seconds pass; otherwise your hesitation may be fatal. It may sound frivolous or absurd, but the suddenness of the situation will make you react in a much more natural way than if you had scripted all the events in your mind before daring to start the discussion.

2. Manage Stress Through Introspection

This method requires work upstream, in the calm of a safe place. Well settled and serene, you will be able to ask yourself regularly about the true impact of a possible failure during a declared desire to seduce.

In a few sentences, you will certainly realize that no, not everyone will crumble and that shame will not stick to you as a companion for the rest of your life.

Once convinced of the small extent of the failure, you will be able to dare to be yourself, especially since you will keep these facts in mind when taking action.

3. Manage Stress by Adopting an Open Attitude

Have you noticed how some people seem to be federators, magnets around which many other people gravitate? Do you know what they have, most of the time, in common? a tendency towards optimism and good communicative mood.

In fact, stress can also be minimized by adopting an open mind. Try this: in the morning, you’ll leave the house, smiling to everyone, just for fun. Do not be shy, a smile costs nothing and is often followed by effect.

We cannot please everyone, but why let stress weaken you and push you to stay in our corner, to deprive you of some contacts that could yet be rewarding?


Get started, be smiling, playful, and stop focusing on prejudices and “yes, but”. Live your life and dare to speak. It is only very rarely that people who allow themselves to be totally governed by their emotions, benefit from the richest social circles and are offered the most numerous and diversified opportunities.

And you? How do you fight stress about women? Do you have a secret weapon? Do not hesitate to send us a feedback that will help deepen the debate. In the meantime, stay well!