Outside Betting Picks For Champions League Success

As Real Madrid proved last season, there really are no favorites when it comes to the Champions League and anything can happen. In fact right now if you go to any Aussie casino online and check out their sportsbook, you will find that Man City and PSG are favorites, despite never having lifted this trophy before. 

This is a tournament which is great for making some long shot bets, especially if you have a cash out option. When it comes to casinos online real money is most certainly up for grabs and these are the picks which we fancy for who lifts the CL if the favorites don’t. 

Bayern Munich 

Bayern may not be long favorites at 8/1, having said that this is a team which really has got everything needed to go all the way. Munich are perennial winners domestically and they have proven that they have what it takes in Europe too. There is absolutely no doubt that the signing of Sadio Mane from Liverpool has been an absolute dream for the Munich team, and he adds to the firepower which Lewandowski, Gnabry and Sane bring. Although there is talk of the Polish striker potentially leaving, you can bet your bottom dollar that Bayern will replace greatness with greatness. 

Tottenham Hotspur 

Spurs are now third favorites to lift the Premier League trophy, something which we just don’t think they have the ability to do, not over 38 games at least. The Champions League however, this is very much something that a team like Spurs could do well in. After all just 3 years ago they miraculously arrived at the final, with what is arguably a worse team than the one which they have now. If Conte can get a couple more signings this summer then at 25/1, Tottenham could be a brilliant outside bet for CL success. 


Barca have been going through a painful transition in recent years, losing their core, losing Messi and being faced with sanctions and financial issues which have prevented them from signing much quality. The Catalan side however are slowly but surely getting back to their best, and boast a talented team which could repeat what Madrid did last season in the Champions League. There is more than enough talent, experience and youthful energy in that team to make a real run at the CL. The only real issue which the team may have, is that they will most certainly be wanting to take that league back from Real Madrid, and there just isn’t enough depth there to make a good go of it on both fronts. 

Honorable mentions go to Juventus and, as always, Atletico Madrid, who also have the experience and the talent to really go all the way in the Champions League this season. If you had to place a wager on the outcome of the tournament, excluding PSG, City and Liverpool, who would your choices be?