Wood Sauna Heater Options Available

A Wood Sauna Heater is harder to find than you think
Photo by CC user Todtanis on Wikimedia Commons

People from all around the world enjoy saunas. They simply offer so many interesting advantages. While saunas are available in spas and even at home, few people know much about the way in which they work. It is really important that you consider all the available options so that you can choose the one that is the best in your case.

Saunas are infrared or steam baths. Their goal is to detoxify the body and help you to relax. In case you were not aware of this, the sauna appeared in Finland and stands out as a huge part of local culture. The reason why the sauna was invented was the harsh weather present in the country. The goal was to help the body to remain warm while also detoxifying. As time passed, the benefits associated with saunas became appreciated all around the world.

The Traditional Approach

Getting back to the topic of quality sauna heaters, most of the saunas are going to use water and stone in order to heat the room. Heaters will evaporate water that is sprayed over the stone. The air is thus heated. We normally referred to this as being the conventional heater.

The problem with this traditional approach is that inside air is going to be really humid. This can be tough for some people as breathing difficulties can appear. You can easily end up sprinkling way too much water on the stones in such a wood sauna heater.

Infrared Heating

This is basically a brand new option that is considered by many spas from around the world when building the wood saunas. Due to the advancements made in physics and technology, we have access to infrared heating methods that would be really useful for the wood saunas. There is no reason to use stones or water in this case.

Air is not going to be heated in this case. Objects are directly heated. A FIR or IR sauna will heat the areas just like we see the microwave oven do. Energy waves will be utilized in order to heat up the body of those inside the sauna. There is basically no breathing difficulty that would appear in this case. Humidity is no longer a concern.

Making The Final Choice

We have to acknowledge the fact that subjectivity will play a huge part in the final decision. That is completely normal. There are many that do prefer the conventional heating option that we highlighted above. That is mainly because of the fact that it is easy to add fragrances and other extras to the water that would be heated. Many believe that this possibility will offer more health benefits.

The final choice will normally be based on the wishes of the person that is to be using the sauna. Combinations of the two heating options mentioned above are possible so there is no reason why not to think about both of the options. Smell and ambience can be created with the infrared option too so why not think about this opportunity?