Ron Blum Discusses the Key Things all Criminal Law Attorneys Should Offer

A lot of people hope that they never have to face criminal charges and require representation from someone like Ron Blum. However, sometimes things happen and people do face litigation, be that civil or criminal. Thankfully, in this country, someone is still innocent until proven guilty, and having legal representation is a right. According to Ronald Blum, it is very important that people know what to look for in a good criminal or civil law attorney, regardless of the type of litigation they are facing.

Ron Blum on the Key Features of a Good Attorney

It is Ronald Blum’s business to make sure people are properly represented. Hence, what he feels people should look for in a criminal or civil lawyer include:

  1. Education. The American Bar Association approves around 200 law schools, but some of those are better than others. Find out which school a lawyer graduated from and how that ranks.
  2. Experience. It is very important to find a lawyer who is experience in the specific field of litigation you need them for. Someone who usually represents businesses in fraud cases, for instance, doesn’t have the necessary experience to defend someone charged with a DUI.
  3. Certifications. Some attorneys can be further certified in certain areas of law. This is not a legal requirement, but does show true passion and dedication to the profession.
  4. Main attorney. It is very common for someone to have to explain their case to a paralegal or assistant and for them to do most of the work, with the main attorney only representing in court. You must know who will handle every element of the litigation.
  5. Communication. You must feel comfortable discussing your issues with the lawyer and you must be able to understand their advice. Additionally, you have to know how best to communicate with them (email, telephone, face to face, etc.)
  6. Outcomes. A good lawyer will be able to tell you the different possible outcomes of the case. They must also be honest in this, explaining what they expect will happen and what you can do about it.
  7. A keen mind. Good lawyers should be able to review your case and tell you whether your rights were violated or whether you have a legal challenge.
  8. Billing assurances. A good law firm will explain exactly how much they will charge and for what, and how their pricing system works. They may offer things as a cap or maximum price, hourly rates, package deals, no win no fee options, and so on. You must also know what you will be billed for, such as telephone calls or emails between you and the lawyer.

Ron Blum cannot stress enough how important it is to choose the right lawyer. Even common crimes such as DUIs, of which some 1.4 million happen each year, can be incredibly complex. It is Ronald Blum’s business to make sure all his clients are properly represented at all times.