Patrick Lanning – Creating a Winning Business Culture

Successful businesses have cultures that are built around and designed to create wins. This is not by chance. Top manager like Patrick Lanning do everything needed to make sure that everything needed for success is available and utilized at the organization.

The best tools available, or at least of the ones affordable by the organization are utilized to make sure that employees have the best chance of being successful. There’s a corporate culture that provides everyone in the organization with a clear understanding of what is expected and a firm set of steps to meet those expectations.

Added to this is a company focus on doing certain things that remove any issues that may inhibit success and growth. The combination of these things create a winning environment. Here are some specifics that successful organizations implement.

A creative process to hear and handle employee complaints

No matter how great your business is or you are as a manager they will be some employees who are not happy. This may come about because of misunderstandings, or incidents that happen once and never occur again. However some people have a difficult time getting over an incident when it is not addressed formally. And others can feel confined when there is no process for dealing with complaints. For this reason management needs to provide a clear and easy memes for employees to make complaints.

When an employee complains, management must treated extremely seriously. There should be a process whereby the employee is engaged and provided a safe environment to discuss the complaint. When the complaint is heard, it should be addressed and the solution to relieve the complaint reached. If the solution is not possible at that moment, the employee should be told when a solution will be reached and the steps to reaching that solution. When you take this approach the employee feels that management has an interest in their well-being. It will make for a better employee, and a more productive work environment.

Head off conflicts

Management must adopt a strategy of heading off any potential conflicts. These can be conflicts between employees, between employees and management, and between employees and customer. Many organizations are high-stress environments and they can lead two people losing their cool and saying what doing things that is completely out of their character. The way to avoid this from happening Is 4 management pay close attention when the chance of any conflicts might arise.

For example if the organization has an extremely busy time, management should be on the lookout for anyone who is undergoing excessive amounts of stress. At this point management can intervene, tell the person to take a break or maybe even take the rest of the day off thereby avoiding conflict. Management must also monitor itself to ensure that it doesn’t engage in any unnecessary conflict. If a manager feels as if here she is reaching his limit of calm, that person should excuse him or herself and let someone else know that a break is needed.

In some organizations these tips might seem counterintuitive. Many organizations feel that grinding employees and pushing them through rough periods is the better way to get them to perform better. This might be true in the short-term, but it often leaves employees scarred and feeling is if they are not appreciated period when people feel this way they don’t perform their best.