Sharing Inspirational Women’s History Month Stories with BCFS Health and Human Services Employees

Women’s History Month in March of every year encourages women to share their stories about others that have inspired them and allowed them to break down barriers. Several women employees at BCFS Health and Human Services recently shared their thoughts about women that have shaped their journey. The organization is a global nonprofit that offers a range of capabilities including assisting adults with disabilities, helping youth in foster care, and aiding families in crisis.

Karen Thaxton, Executive Vice President of Human Resources, discussed various women mentors she’s encountered and learned from over the years. She says many friends and colleagues helped her to achieve in her professional life and offered guidance on her personal achievements. She also greatly respects women including Ruth Bader Ginsburg (RBG) and Susan B. Anthony who made sacrifices and lived lives of integrity to help other women to live with greater equality.

The organization’s Executive Director at BCFS Health and Human Services Residential Services Division Headquarters, Sonya Thompson notes her mentor Elizabeth Guthrie helped her overcome many professional challenges. She says Ms. Guthrie gave her the confidence to push through barriers and craft leadership skills that she utilizes every day. Ms. Thompson is also inspired by Vice President Kamala Harris’ election and the positive messages she promotes for younger women throughout the country.

The Regional Director at BCFS Health and Human Services-Fairfield, Veronica Villa, also supports RBG’s decades of work promoting equality for women in their professional lives and as equals to men. Ms. Villa’s notes her nine-year-old daughter also understands RBG’s legacy and has collected bobblehead figurines of the former associate justice of the Supreme Court of the United States along with Michelle Obama, and Vice President Kamala Harris.