Adam Seger – Mexican Drinks You Just Have to Try

There are some absolutely amazing drinks coming out of Mexico at the moment and the artisanal beers which they are releasing there are really on par with so much from the US. Beers however, is not exactly what Mexico is known for an whilst these beers are great, the country offers us way more when it comes to other drinks and spirits. Expert barman and author Adam Seger is one of the biggest proponents for Mexican drinks and these are some of our favorites here, which you have to try in some capacity.


We’ll start off with the most obvious here in tequila, but we want to talk about it in a slightly different way. This is a great drink of course but it is essential that we don’t just confuse it as that drink that we take shots of. The reality is that tequila is a much more refined drink than this and we have to make sure that if we are going to drink it, that we buy the very highest level that we can, because there are so many layers to the flavor of this drink.


Personally speaking I struggle to understand why tequila is the most exported drink from Mexico because the reality is that mezcal is the far superior drink. This particular offering is taken from the same plant as tequila but it is made with zero sugar and the refinement process is completely different. This is a drink which is so smooth, so tasty and the best bit is that you really don’t get much of a hangover from it. Mezcal can be drank straight or you can also add this to some absolutely delicious cocktails.


Pulque is made from the sap of the maguey plant and the result is a milky, strong alcoholic beverage which has a very rich history in Mexico. Currently when you drink this you can find it in an array of flavors from strawberry to pistachio, and everything in between. This is a drink which you enjoy directly, as though it were a beer, and you have to be very careful when you do drink it because this one has a real kick to it.

Rum Horchata

Horchata is a rice based drink which is found throughout the country, which does not have alcohol in it. Over the years however, there are many companies which have decided to instead add some rum to the mixture and the result is absolutely spectacular. This can be enjoyed straight if you so wish, or you could also mix it with some mineral water or orange juice to give it a more tropical feel. With plenty of ice, this is a drink which will instantly take you to the beach!

These are just some of the fine drinks which are coming out of Mexico which everyone should be looking to try, tasty, interesting and pretty strong to boot!