The Most Important Celebrations You Will Have During Your Life

Throughout our lives we will go through many ceremonies and celebrations that make an impression upon us. Here are the ones throughout your life that will stand out the most.


In many cases the prom is the first formal event that young people will attend that is directed solely at them. The prom takes place in junior and senior high school years and is a school-sponsored party. Young men must ask a young lady to be their prom date and then go through the ritual of selecting a corsage for them. Both young people dress up in their best outfits. The young man wearing a suit and the young lady a beautiful prom dress. The young man must pick up the young lady and escort her to the prom and cater to her every need that night. At the end of the night he escorts her home. The prom gives young people a chance to act like adults in a wonderful setting. Young men learn to respect women and to treat them honorably. Young women learn to act like ladies and be respectable and how to walk in a long prom dress too. It is an  affair that is a great part of growing up.


A wedding might be the most important celebration in the life of humans. Wedding is where a bride and the groom vow to love each other and be with each other for the rest of their lives. The ceremony is attended by family, friends, and those interested in seeing a couple become one. Planning a wedding is detailed and complicated because it involves more than one ceremony leading up to the big day. Typically there is a bridal shower, bachelorette party, bachelorette party, and a wedding rehearsal dinner all used to bring guests together to celebrate the lives of the couple before they are married, and then welcome them into their final union. The wedding day ceremony consists of the actual wedding and a reception which is a party thrown for the new couple. The day is filled with ceremony and ritual and everyone involved has a memorable time.

25th Wedding Anniversary

Most marriages unfortunately end in divorce. Statistics say that the average marriage last around five years and that 50% or more will not last until the end of the lives of a couple. For those that do last longer than five years, there needs to be a major celebration. A 10-year marriage is something to be applauded. During this time the couple will have children, probably go through many job changes, and be tested constantly. For those couples that make 25 years, it is a major accomplishment. A 25 year wedding anniversary celebration is a time for a couple to take stock of their marriage and congratulate themselves on this amazing accomplishment. The 25th anniversary is called the diamond anniversary and a common gift that the couple gives each other are these precious stones. They also will likely take a trip to some beautiful location perhaps revisiting the place where they had their honeymoon.

Throughout the life you have many events but none more important than the ones listed here. Enjoy and make the most out of them.