What online games have the best odds?

If you’re looking at playing online casino games to make some extra money, then you’ll want to know which games offer the best possible odds. There are hundreds of online games that players can choose from, but while some games (like slot machines) are essentially designed to let the house win, other games, such as Roulette, Blackjack or Bingo, offer a real chance of winning a payout.



This old card game stands out with many a gambler due to its high odds and the fact that many feel they can beat the house by counting cards. The setup of blackjack is such that you’re only ever betting against the dealer, which means you’re less exposed than you would be playing something like poker, where multiple opponents compete against you.

The aim of blackjack is to get a better combination value than that of the dealer, without hitting over 21. In other worse, blackjack is about as even a casino game as it’s possible to be, with the house edge said to be as low as just one percent. Certainly, the odds are far better than most other games.

The downside to blackjack is that the dealer always gets to hide one his two cards, called the “hole card”. Which means he can always win, no matter what hand he has, if you go bust.

Blackjack has around 7,000 possible different outcomes and mathematical possibilities, but to keep it simple we suggest aiming for 17. if you reach this number, don’t take any more cards.


Some might be surprised to see Bingo in our list, given that the numbers are pulled out of a hat or bag at random. But some professional bingo players successfully win hundreds of dollars each day playing online bingo or in outside venues.

Your chances of winning at bingo depend on how many players there are. Someone always has to win, and that means that if fewer players are at the table, your chances of winning are increased. Professional players try to find a nice balance between the number of players and the size of the prizes on offer, to find a kind of “happy medium” that ensures their prize payouts cover the games that they don’t win anything.


Another popular game with high chances for winning is Roulette. However, we should point out there are two versions of this game – North American and European – with the latter offering higher odds because it lacks the “double zero” found on U.S. roulette tables.

Therefore we recommend playing the Euro version where the house edge is just 2.7 percent.

To increase your chances of winning, avoid the rookie mistake of placing high stakes on single-number bets. The payout odds of 35/1 might sound appealing, but very few players ever hit. A much better idea is to just bet on “black” or “white”, in which case your odds of winning are quite literally 50/50, good for when you’re feeling lucky.

Alternatively, you can try some popular strategies such as betting on three horizontal numbers; covering a square of four numbers; covering numbers 0 to 3; or covering six numbers across two rows anywhere on the board.

Remember if you hit a winning streak on any of these games and find yourself ahead, be sure to cash out early and enjoy your profits rather than losing them later.