Trends in Office Design

Thinking about a new buildout for you company’s offices? Here are some of the latest trends in office design to make sure your business stays as productive as possible.

Trends in Office DesignOpen Spaces
In an age of WiFi and iPads the cubicle is dead, so what do we do with this space? Open spaces are a great idea but some people have a hard time figuring out what the heck to do with them. One good idea is to place different styles of and assortments of chairs and desks around the office and let employees organically decide where and how to work. This will encourage collaboration and get employees outside of their comfort zone and this is where the really innovative thinking happens!

Above all an office or workspace should be functional. Companies like can make your workspace as productive as possible. Any trends (even  the ones in this article) should be taken with a grain of salt, no matter how novel an idea, functionality will always win out. So do your best to combine the needs of your business with the proven productive trends in office design but remember there is no magic bullet for productivity.

Bigger is Not Better
Long gone are the days of Mad Men where one’s status in the company determines the square footage of their office. Office sizes should be based on demand not title. A CEO should spend more time on their feet anyhow, and sometimes a large office will further block them off from their company and make them unapproachable. A big office would be better suited for your design or engineering team who can use the space to work on all night problems and collaborations. So don’t associate status with space, give up space for productivity when needed.

Listen to Your Employees
Ask the residents of your office what is working and what isn’t. You want the people who use the office most to be part of designing your new office. Also, don’t force things on employees. While some people may really enjoy a standing desk and mandatory ping-pong tournaments in the warehouse, this isn’t for everybody. Forcing recreation or activities will turn them into work instead fun, thus defeating the whole point of the ping-pong table in the warehouse. It is a slippery slope between creating a fun and productive work environment and turning you office into a play-pen for adults but many companies (like those in silicon valley) have been able to find a happy medium by using the latest in office design trends to create spaces for employees that are fun, stress-free, attractive, and encourage work.

If you are planning to build out a new office consider these office design trends and tips. Remember to delegate size based on demand, think about function first, utilize open spaces, and most of all listen to your employees feedback. Follow these tips and you will be on your way to a fun and happy work environment that people we be excited to come into!