Tips for winning in Bingo

Online bingo games can be quite a bit different to playing in a regular bingo hall, which is why you’ll need to sharpen up if you’re serious about winning some money. Follow these tips to ensure you give yourself the best chance of winning big in online bingo halls and making a profit in the long term.


1. Time it right

You’ll need to choose the correct time to play to increase your chances of winning bigger prizes. The way it works is, the more players there are the larger the bonus is. But on the downside, a greater number of players means there are more people competing to win, lessening your own chances. You’ll find there are less players early in the morning or late at night, therefore the jackpot is smaller. Try to find a nice balance, but remember that the fewer players there are, the greater the chances of getting a few wins under your belt.

2. Play frequently

Instead of going all out and blowing your weekly wage in a single session, it’s better to use smaller amounts of cash but play more frequently instead. While playing this way makes your prizes smaller, you’ll probably win more often and so your profits will build up over time. Playing too much can quickly lead to burn out, and that’s when you’ll notice you start to lose more than you win.

3. Take advantage of bonus offers

Virtually all of the online bingo sites offer some kind of sign up bonus that can help you to play for longer and potentially win more money. So take them up on their offers! For example, some sites offer a bonus that matches the size of your first cash deposit (up to a certain limit), which means if you deposit £100 you’ll actually get £200 to play with.

4. Play with more than one card

It’s true that the more cards you play with, the more chances you’ll have to win. That’s not to say you should go overboard though, because it’s difficult to keep track of it if you’re playing with too many cards. Most sites sell cards at different prices, with the more expensive ones offering bigger cash prizes. And remember that on some sites it’s not necessary to get a full house to win, because some offer smaller prizes for players who land one or two lines.

5. Be a part of the community

The online bingo community is massive, and it’s a good idea to tap into it. Not only does playing Bingo become more enjoyable when you have friends, but those friends are a great source of tips and hints on how to win more money.

6. Play with higher stakes

This is not recommend for beginners, but more experienced bingo players who believe they can profit should be prepared to up the stakes to get the reward they deserve. Higher priced cards attract fewer players, but your chances of winning, and the value of the prizes, goes up significantly the more you are prepared to risk.