What Small Businesses Have To Know About Social Media Marketing


As the owner of a small business, you’re always looking for new ways to get your company’s brand on the radar of prospective customers. If you don’t already, utilising social media in business is a great way to engage with current customers in addition to appealing to new ones.

Indeed small business social media marketing strategies have an advantage over big companies because social media effectiveness boils down to engagement. If a business doesn’t engage with its customers, chances are good that it won’t have success in social media marketing.

In order to perform well on social media, many use virality as the bar for success. However truthfully, the pieces of content that go viral for a brand don’t necessarily equate big sales. As a small business, prioritising authenticity over virality by posting content that you truly find interesting has a far better chance of engaging existing and potential customers.

The Value Of Social Media For Small Business

Back in the day, with only a couple of options for social media, and before a time when each social platform had been defined by its own particular value-add, businesses could just pop in and then post whatever and whenever. The big wide world of business on social media was scant, and the abilities of organisations to connect with their target audiences even more so.

This is not the case today.

Social media is now a very important part of an inbound marketing strategy. Creating valuable content and then ranking well for it on the SERP is one thing, however sharing that content out to the correct people and getting those people who are interested in your brand, product or – alternatively – service back to your site is another.

Making sure that you’re sharing the correct social media content with the correct people is also dependent on the platform. Each of the main social platforms popular at the moment have a specific way in which they are used by consumers. Businesses, in turn, have started to use each platform slightly differently in order to connect with their audiences.

What Are The Essentials Of A Thriving Social Media Marketing Strategy?

Just like every game of live casino online roulette is different, a thriving social media marketing strategy will look different for every business. However, here are the things that they will all have in common:

  • Knowledge about your audience: What platforms they utilise, when they go on them as well as why, what content they like consuming, who else they’re following, and a whole lot more.
  • Brand identity: What is the message that you want to convey to your audience? How do you want them to feel when looking at your content?
  • Content strategy: While there certainly is a level of freedom on social, you’ll have to have a defined content strategy to be able to have a coherent voice and produce quality content often.
  • Analytics: Quantifiable insights will inform your strategy, in addition to who you’re reaching, the correct content to share and the optimal times to post.

Regular activity: Social media is an immediate platform so if you want to use it in order to grow your organisation, you need to post often, remain on top of engagements with your business, engage back, make sure that you keep up with trends, and maintain accurate profiles.