What to Look for in a New Laptop

When people are hunting for a new laptop, friends, family members, and store employees are always asked what the best computer is. Unfortunately there is not clear cut answer to this questions because so much hinges on your own personal needs and wants. However, here are ten things you should consider as you shop around.


1. Size:Laptops are meant to be taken with you so depending on how you plant to carry it and how often you will be on the go, the size and weight of the laptop can be an issue to consider carefully.

2. Screen quality:Squinting at a screen for hours a day can hurt your eyes and your posture so make sure you choose a computer that has high quality screen that can help make long working hours more bearable and less painful.

3. Keyboard quality:Take some time to check out the keypads and make sure the keys are spaced well and the right size for your fingers and that number pads and function keys are easily reached as you type.



4. CPU:There are many different CPUs to choose from and you will need to make sure you choose a laptop that has enough power and speed to do the tasks you need to do day in and day out.

5. RAM: Most laptops have a minimum of 4GB of RAM and the more image and video heavy tasks you do the more you will need- more RAM is needed for playing games and editing videos than writing documents and surfing the web.

6. Storage:A certain amount of internal storage is needed for the laptop to be able to carry out normal tasks and processes so make sure there is enough to hold all the programs and software you want to use.


7. Battery life:Not all computer batteries are the same so make sure you spend a few minutes comparing batter life to make sure you get one that will last loner when you are not able to plug in while you work.

8. Wireless networking:Most laptops today come standard with wireless connections so make sure the one you are looking at has it and that the set up and strength is strong enough for your needs.

9. Full-sized SD card:Phones and other devices have MiniSD cards but if you do a lot of photo work you will need a FullSD card slot for your computer in order to make sure you can load your photos onto your laptop.


The following was a post by Sarah Jo Lorenz-Coryell