Tips on Cleaning and Organizing Your Garage

The primary purpose of the garage is to have a place to park your car. However, since it is also used for storing things, its primary use is often overlooked, and it ends up being a storage room. In the end, you don’t have a place to park your vehicle, but outside. If this scenario is familiar to you and you want to reclaim the space back that is rightfully for your car; you will find these tips on cleaning and organizing your garage helpful.

Wear protection

If it’s been a long time since you’ve cleaned your garage, dirt will have probably accumulated. Wear gloves and a face mask to protect yourself from dirt and dust. Prepare some cleaning items too, since you will do some cleaning. Some of these things are a scrub brush, broom, sponge, bucket, soap, and water.

Move everything out

It’s more convenient and quicker to clean an area if there are no other things inside. Move everything out of the garage so you will have an empty space. It’s best to work when the weather is nice, so you don’t have to worry about placing your things outside. However, if the weather doesn’t seem good, move the stuff to another room to make sure that it will not get wet in case it rains.

Clean walls, floor, and ceiling

Once the garage is empty, it’s time to do a thorough cleaning. Wipe all dirt and dust on the walls, floor, and ceiling. Use scrubs for hard to remove stains. Mix water and soap to further clean the area. Let it dry and vacuum or do another sweep to ensure that it’s all clean.

Segregate things

It’s now time to determine which items are going back in the garage and what must go. Segregate things into four different groups that include things to keep, donate, sell, and trash. Decide which of the items belong to the said groups and put them there so you’ll know what to do with them. If there’s a lot of things that need disposal, you may hire Evergreen Junk Removal in Omaha so that they can do the work for you. Since they often work with recycling companies, you may even leave your things to donate to them.

Create a plan

Now that you know which items are going back inside the garage, you want to be as organized as possible so you can maximize the space. You want to have enough storage for your things and also easily find them. Plus, you want to move freely, and more importantly, you want to be able to park your car inside.

Before moving the things in, create a plan for where they should go. Put similar items together. For example, automotive tools can be in one area, and garden tools in another. Add hooks on the walls, cabinets, and other forms of storage to make use of every area.

Once your garage is clean and organized, keep things tidy and in place to ensure that you will have a space to park your car and easily find what you need among the things stored inside.