Will a Domestic Violence Conviction Change Your Life Forever?

Don't let a Domestic Violence Conviction ruin your life

It only takes a minute or two for your life to take a drastic change. That change can oftentimes not be for the better too.

If charged with domestic violence, where will you go for legal help?

For starters, there are the legal ramifications steering you in the face.

Not only could you end up behind bars for a period of time, but you could receive notable fines.

If you’re a parent, a domestic violence conviction could mean not seeing your child.

With all that is at stake, can you afford not to get the best legal help out there?

Fighting Domestic Violence Charges

To fight domestic violence charges you are up against, remember the following tips:

1. Choosing the right defense lawyer

Nothing can doom your case faster than if you end up with insufficient legal help.

By hiring the right Los Angeles domestic violence lawyer, you stand a chance.

He or she can work with you to poke holes in the prosecutor’s case.

As an example, is there any physical or eyewitness evidence of you causing harm to a partner or even your child? If not, if will oftentimes turn into a case of which side is more believable.

As you should already know by now, never make any admissions of guilt before talking to a lawyer.

In the best lawyer, you want experience, a track record of results, and communication.

Go online and also look for word-of-mouth referrals for the best legal selection.

2. Stating Your Side of the Story

To have the best chance of avoiding a domestic violence conviction, have your story heard.

This includes:

· Accuser’s history – While you should never attack an alleged victim, you can question them. Do they have a history of making unsubstantiated domestic violence accusations? Do they have a criminal record? If so, is there any history of domestic violence on their part? Note questions and legal issues in your accuser’s accusations and background.

· Evidence in your favor – Is there eyewitness or even video evidence that backs your side of the story? If so, make sure your legal counsel is aware of it. Any statements or videos/images to refute what is being said about you can end up clearing you. Make sure that your legal team interviews any and all individuals who can testify for you. This can include children who are old enough to testify on your behalf.

· Your legal background – In the event you have no criminal history, bring this up in court. A clean criminal past can factor into whether you end up with a domestic violence conviction. Having character witnesses speak on your behalf is always a plus too. From family and friends to an employer, let those who know you best help defend you.

The stigma around domestic violence is great and should be.

Given how millions of relationships work, it can be a surprise when they don’t.

A domestic violence conviction can have repercussions in your life for years to come.

So your life doesn’t take a drastic spiral downward, be sure you have the best legal representation possible.

Photo courtesy of Happyme22 via Wikimedia Commons