4 Reasons Why You Should Take a Trip to Singapore

Travel used to be an experiential luxury only a couple of people can afford. But now, it has become accessible for anyone, thanks to countless airline packages, budget accommodation, and affordable tours. In fact, you have probably started planning your travels for the next year. Whether you are doing it alone, with your family, or with your globe-trotting friends, choosing an exciting destination that everyone can enjoy is crucial. Equally important is being in a place where it is comfortable, relaxing, and safe. After going through your rolodex of destinations, there is one place which offers all of that and more: Singapore.

One of the most sought after destinations in the world, Singapore has become the prime example that well-developed cities can exist with the lush green of nature. Not only does the city-state offer a vibrant and unique travel experience through its shopping centres and key places of interest, but they were still able to preserve their history through old-world architecture. This is probably why travel insurance to Singapore has been in-demand as of late, travelers are doing everything to make their Singapore trip a worthwhile one.

So while you are still contemplating about this Singapore trip, here are a couple of things you should know about the cleanest, most secure place in the world.


A Fusion of old world glamour and modern lifestyle

This is a quality most Asian countries share: the perfect mixture of old and new. If you tour Singapore, you will notice old style architecture that is side by side with the contemporary buildings. Their skyscrapers, while towering high, do not dwarf historic buildings around them. In fact, it has given Singapore a unique kinds of personality and texture.

Diversity in culture

Malaysia may be the cultural melting pot in Asia, but it is not just the most diverse place there. Singapore has one of the most diverse cultures, home to both Asian and Western sensibilities. And you will not just see this in the people with different ethnicities who live there, but also in the items they produce to sell, the cuisine they offer, and the different traditions being respected and accommodated there.

Known to be safe and clean

Of course, everyone in the world knows that Singapore gives great importance to safety and cleanliness. Strict laws are enforced to keep the streets of Singapore as immaculate as they possibly can.

Free attractions and easy commute

Like everywhere else in the world, cabs are pretty expensive. But to navigate your way around Singapore, you will only need to know how to ride the bus and monorail transit. These are an efficient way to get around Singapore, and are much more affordable. But some locals would opt to walk to their destinations, maybe you would rather take a stroll too. Additionally, there are a lot of free attractions in Singapore, so it is very budget-traveler friends.

Go on and do a quick search on certain laws you need to know about Singapore. Finalize that list of places you can visit there, because pretty sure you are already convinced that a trip to Singapore is worth it.