Bingo 2.0: Tech and Millennials are Causing a Bingo Boom


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When you think of your typical bingo player, you may think of a retiree hanging out in one of Britain’s traditional bingo halls. However, you would be wrong. There is in fact a new generation of bingo players who eagerly await their numbers being called.

Millennials are the first truly digital generation, having had exposure to technology since childhood. That, combined with the rise in mobile technology, has lead to a recent influx of younger people playing on bingo websites, bucking the trend of who we would normally consider to be playing the game. But the game itself has changed too. In fact, 20% of online bingo’s player base are 25 years old or under, which certainly doesn’t fit the traditional stereotype of the bingo-loving pensioner. On top of this, it’s revealed that mobile is a big driver of online bingo traffic, especially with the younger generation.

This rise in mobile technology is swelling online bingo numbers

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With the mass uptake of smartphones, anyone can have access to online bingo. Many savvy providers produce their own apps, optimised for a truly mobile experience. This creates the possibility of casual gaming and being able to dip in and out of games when it suits you. After all, we’re very much used to playing games in short bursts or rounds nowadays rather than only opt for long gaming sessions, as we did before the smartphone era.

It wasn’t that long ago that playing a game of bingo required a trip to the bingo hall, making it an occasion within itself – it simply wasn’t a game you could pick up and play. However, now it is – and the potential user base for bingo apps is huge. People now use their mobile devices more frequently than laptops or desktops, with two-thirds of adults owning and regularly using a smartphone. Therefore, creating mobile apps to play bingo through makes sense, and is in tune with how people are now using tech.

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This has made bingo very accessible, turning it from something that required a full evening to play, to being able to play a game in a few minutes from the comfort of the sofa. Bingo companies are eager to cash in on this casual market, using deals to make it possible for newcomers to play mobile bingo with no deposit required. Again, this makes the game much more accessible by allowing people who have never played the game before to practice before playing with their own money – something which is a new concept for the game. Naturally, this makes for

And physical bingo is on the rise, too

As the game has become more popular with young people in the digital space, this is having the knock-on effect of bringing more young people through bingo hall doors. In fact, bingo is also beginning to become a trendy night out, complete with drinks, music, and eccentric bingo callers, which is proving a hit on London’s nightlife circuit. Outside of this hip reincarnation, even players in more traditional venues are younger, on average. This is to be expected as the game has a much wider player base than ever before.

Bingo has gone through a real revamp within recent years, and it’s paying off. The influence of young people on the game is clear to see, as is the game’s shift to targeting a more tech-savvy audience. Overall, this has resulted in a more dynamic and diverse demographic enjoying one of Britain’s favourite pastimes.

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