5 Reasons Why Linkedin Is So Important


I have been working to help businesses and individuals find success for many years, from American Federal Auto to my local coffee shop and I have so far helped many others to find success online. There are many different ways in which I do this and much of it depends on what the client is looking for from their online profile. One of my favorite resources to use when I work with a new client is Linkedin and I still believe that many people do not truly understand the power that this social media channel possesses. Let’s have a look at some stats before I tell you why this is such an important resource.

– Over 350 million users across 200 countries and territories

– Members from all of the Fortune 500 companies hold accounts

– Over 50 million students and new graduates are members of the site

– Sign up rate is around 2 members every second

Brand Growth

If you are a business then using Linkedin is a great way to grow your brand, though the use of the social media page you can connect with important players in a wide range of industries in order to best promote your brand. A recent survey suggested that over 94% of journalists and editors actively use Linkedin and it can be hard to say no to this level of exposure.

Job Search and Find

If you are looking for work then a Linkedin profile is absolutely necessary and it gives you the chance to show off who you are and what you do to a huge database of professionals. The benefits are two-fold here as you can not only tell everyone who you are but you can also cut out the middle man and directly approach companies or important individuals in the hope of bagging yourself a career.


Whilst Linkedin does look to often copy some of the features of other social media sites like Facebook and Twitter, the level of privacy is significantly higher. After all, a profile on Linkedin simply contains a small profile picture of you and then the key details which you put on your own profile. Finding out about someone requires that you talk to them rather then flicking through their profile which gives a very strong layer of security.


For companies which are looking at growing their popularity or image, partnerships online are highly important and Linkedin is one of the best places to reach out across the world wide web in order to create them. Through the us of this social media channel you can connect with new people and businesses, form alliances and partnerships and build relationships which are mutually beneficial and based on trust. The days of cold calling to get yourself out there are over, Linkedin is the future and it is here already!