5 Tips To Redesigning Your Business Website

More than ever, customers are engaging with brands through various channels. A Business website is the primary base for how they see our business. If you want to run a winning business, you should consider redesigning your business website to stay to date. Today’s customers have a standard of quality and expectation when visiting a business website. To help you meet their demands, we’ve put together these proven tips to redesigning your business website.


Redirect Your Old Domain

If you are going to develop a new site, you should start with the domain. In the past three years, we have seen hundreds of newly released generic Top Level Domains enter the market. You can switch from a long .COM domain to a short, one word domain. For example, you can use the .MEDIA or .CLUB domains to make your website more memorable to customers. Once you have a new domain or business name, redirect the old one so you don’t lose any existing customers.


Save Your Existing Content

Next, you should keep all the quality content and information you have on the old site. Depending on the website platform, you can either export the data or download the database. Or, if you would like you can simply save the webpages offline. In this case, you can simply open up each page offline and paste it onto the new site when ready. Whichever way you decide, a back up of your existing content is essential to redesigning your website.


Utilize Website Builders

If you have an old website, it’s very likely that it was made with a unique design. Now, you have the opportunity to use easy website builders. They let you choose from hundreds of new designs that you can customize to feel unique to your brand. You can easily change layouts, colors or features too.  Best of all, the builders give you limitless options for creating the perfect design while giving you the professional look you need from the start.


Get Socially Active

Often times, business websites have their social apps and profiles hidden away at the top or bottom of the page. Take this time to integrate social media sharing prominently into your webpages. Place your social profile follow links at the top of the sidebar, above the fold or inside a sticky footer. Customers will engage with your brand and also look at your social activity as a sign of trust.

Optimize For Search Engines

As you design a new website, keep your organic search traffic in mind. You should create pages and content relevant to the terms that your customers are searching for. Many of the best website builders already take care of the SEO basics. Quite simply, it’s up to you to write great titles, meta descriptions and content that search engines will find. Most importantly, a well optimized site will get found more. When customers see your website in the search engines, they will know you mean business.

Of course, redesigning your website can be a stressful process. However, using the right tools, it can be a great opportunity. Follow these tips to find a new domain, redesign with website builders and build trust through social interactions or organic search results. Additionally, just make sure you have a back up just in case. After the redesign, all the effort will be worth it.