A Real Estate Broker’s Star-Studded Clients List

Wouldn’t everyone want to live this dream? Let’s suppose you are looking for a new place and you have money to burn (that is because you could be a celebrity, a Wall Street banker, or a foreign diplomat). Who are you going to call? Why, Sandra Balan, of course. The esteemed international daily newspaper Wall Street Journal has vouched that Sandra Balan is one of the top 185 brokers in America. Indeed, she is ranked within one percent of real estate brokers in the country. Looking for an industrial loft with massive ten-foot ceilings? Salivating over a famous singer’s former townhouse? What about a state-of-the-art bachelor pad in SoHo? If only the best and most fabulous luxury property is desired, then Sandra Balan is the only one to guide you to find your dream abode.


How Sandra Climbed to the Top

For over two decades now, Sandra Balan has been selling and buying the best of Manhattan’s luxury properties. Growing up in New York gave Sandra enough time to get to know many of its best buildings well. Unsurprisingly, she is now a true expert in juggling both what the sellers and buyers want. Always delivering high-level service, Sandra Balan knows how to get a property off the market as quickly as possible with a great selling price, which also translates into a high-caliber buyer being happy and satisfied with the purchase. She is truly a rare breed of real estate broker who constantly delivers excellent results.

Sandra’s Stellar Reputation

Indeed, Sandra Balan’s excellent track record and long list of happy deep-pocketed customers can attest to her prestige and renown. It is not uncommon for Sandra to get repeat clients as well as referrals. Indeed, she actually often relies on word-of-mouth, which accounts for her high volume of transactions. Such is her stature that various publications like The New York Times, New York Family, New York Post, and New York Magazine have sought her advice and opinion on the luxury real estate business. Sandra Balan has also been interviewed various times by HGTV, a cable and satellite TV channel that focuses on home improvement, gardening and house remodeling. This is because she is always eager to share her real estate knowledge and expertise on how to make homes look more appealing for both sellers and buyers.

What You Will Get from Sandra

So whether you are a luxury property seller or a buyer, when you deal with Sandra Balan, you can be assured that her stellar reputation has actual substance. Thanks to her expertise and knowledge on real estate which span decades, especially on the Manhattan’s luxury property area, Sandra Balan has access to top buyers who can deal with astronomical price tags. A native New Yorker, Sandra also has deep knowledge about the Big Apple’s hidden gems. She understands that high-caliber clients are busy and demanding. They also value discretion, efficiency and maximum satisfaction. She will deliver everything that is expected of her.