Big 3 Software Companies to Watch

Software is always evolving and changing the way we interact, organize, have fun, socialize, and do work. Here are big 3 software companies to watch to see what the next big thing is.

Apple is the elephant in the room and that doesn’t look like it will change any time soon. These long time disruptors and innovators are going to continue to shake things up. They will even be unveiling a massive new campus. Deemed the “spaceship” due to its striking resemble to a massive flying saucer, the new Apple campus promises to allow this software giant to keep pumping out sci-fi worthy products. With iOS 10 on the verge of being released along with their new desktop OS deemed “Sierra” there is plenty to look forward to from Apple regarding software. Security is a big concern for many users as you can see from these SiteLock reviews and many analysts and users are hoping Apple steps up its security game, as a larger user base is putting a bigger target on their software’s back for hackers. As always though the big news from Apple is usually the things they don’t tell you, so let’s hope this giant tech firm has a few tricks up their sleeves, which makes this one of the top companies to watch.


The original kings of software have had to pivot a lot over the past several years but they are still definitely a company to watch in the near future. Microsoft recently purchased Skype, LinkedIn, and Nokia which could mean we can expect some major releases in the realms of mobile, video chat, and social networking from Microsoft in the near future. With a recent revamp of Microsoft’s flagship Windows Operating System and web browser getting pretty solid reviews, we can also expect Microsoft to keep up a renewed focus on the projects that made them famous in the first place, especially as rival Apple’s “new car smell” starts to wear off. Microsoft’s new mobile and desktop software project should definitely stay on your radar.


Perhaps no software company has their pulse on the next industry trends like Google. While today Google has their fingers in nearly every tech pie, this Silicon Valley behemoth still maintains the ability to move relatively quickly and we are likely to big software disruptors coming out of Google in the next few years. As always keep your eyes on upcoming changes to Android OS which include a new messenger app and digital assistant. Google has also been spending a lot of time expanding software to your car, include self-driving features, this is definitely something to look out for. Much like Apple, Google is known for surprising and outrageous software breakthroughs so you need to watch these guys close if you want to the first in on the next big thing.

These 3 big software giants are the go to playmakers for the industry but remember for each Apple or Google there is the next big start up trying to take the throne….