Tips for Leaders

Have you been recently promoted to a new a position at work or are you a leader looking for some new skills the help inspire those around you? Here are some tips for leaders that successful bosses and CEOs recommend.

Lead By Example
Actions speak louder than words. If you want to encourage specific behavior in your office or company at large, you need to lead by example. No number of memos will make employees work smarter or be more creative. But if you keep the habits you want them to have chances are they will pick up on yours. It’s all about building environments and atmosphere that bolsters the values you want to instill and this starts at the top. So work on yourself and show your company what you are made of be prepared for them to follow. Leading by example is one of the top tips CEOs like Patrick Imbardelli offer to those hoping to become successful leaders.

Listen to your peers, your competitions, your employees, your team, even your mom! Great leaders listen. They are constantly learning from others and open to advice. You need to build an organization that encourages communication from the ground up. No matter where in the organization an employee is they may have valuable information. The worse thing a leader can do is have closed ears and shut out potentially useful information. No one knows a business better than those on the ground floor doing it, so listening everyone can be a game changer.

Find Time For Yourself
I know this sounds silly but to be a good leader you need to be a happy well rounded person. Ensure you give yourself time for leisure. If you have hobby develop it, if you don’t have a hobby get one. Good leaders know when to step away from work and take care of themselves. This is sometimes the only way to gain perspective on a problem. For many great leaders their breakthroughs come while staring into a starry sky or even while breathing fresh morning air on a fishing trip. Take care of yourself; get some fresh air, and you will find you mind starts working sharper and quicker. Sometimes your best ideas will come from unexpected places so get our there, try something new and you will be following in the footsteps of some of the worlds greatest leaders.

Being a great leader is not something that happens overnight and it requires a lot of hard work and experience. The key is to listen to others, find time for yourself, and lead by example. The best leaders start by being the best people. Take some time for yourself and remember people are watching you and looking up to you so if those around you see you are trying hard to work hard, create new ideas, and treat others with respect chances are they will follow, a great leader surrounds himself with other creates and they all grew together.