Bingo Games That will Take You Back in Time

bingo 2

Do you think that retro and bingo can make a good combination? Well, at Bingo Extra, it is the perfect combination that brings unlimited fun plus potential winnings! The vintage aspect of Bingo Extra will bring you back in time, however the touch of modernity in the designs and patterns will make your journey totally worth it.

Get ready to go back in time by plunging into any rooms at Bingo Extra to play vintage bingo online. In all the bingo rooms, such as Extra Room, The Diner, Penny Arcade, Candy Store and The Playground, you will find a yellowish background which suits the vintage look of the site. Your bingo cards, either 90-ball, 75-ball or 5-line will be neatly aligned in the middle of the screen, and you should choose the ones you wish to purchase before buying them. Given that you do see the cards, you can select either your favourite numbers seen on the cards, or just random choose those which you think are lucky for you! Also, all the bingo rooms have a chat room where you can make new friends, plus learn new things.

Bingo Extra is not just about basic bingo games… you can as well find awesome rooms where high amounts can be won anytime! Want to win big? Get into any of these rooms, and you might get on the winners’ page soon:

  • Win- Win Wednesday: In the Win-Win Wednesday room, you can grab your ticket for only 20p. If you are the grand winner when all your numbers have been called out, then you win the full house amount… but if all your numbers are not called out, you get the tickets amount back! Always a winner on Wednesdays!
  • The Jukebox: Grab your tickets for The Jukebox room for only 10p. You always have a chance to grab a share of £500 in that room. If you win the full house, 2 line win or 1 line win, you get £250, £150 or £100 respectively.
  • Weekly Shop: In the Weekly Shop Room, you can grab £100 vouchers from famous shops. The tickets cost 20p each, and once the 5-lines have been completed, you are the winner!
  • Extra Surprise: You’re in a bingo room but you never know what you could win… isn’t that tempting? In the Extra Surprise Room, you just need to buy your 5p card and let all your numbers get daub… better if yours are all done first! Then you can win different vouchers or a cash prize!
  • £10K Slider: In the 5-line 10K slider bingo room, the fun has no degree as you can win loads! For instance, the 1-line, 2-line, 3-line and 4-line winners are awarded £150 each. As for the Full House winner, a cash prize ranging from £400 to £10K awaits!

Make memories at Bingo Extra by signing up online anytime and go all retro! Plus, you get some extra plays on your 1st deposit by choosing either 100% slots bonus or 400 bingo bonus.