Charles Phillips And The Work He Does At Infor

We simply cannot talk about cloud technology used in businesses without referring to Charles Phillips. He basically managed to change the entire industry because of the various different things that he did in the past. Charles Phillips’ business affairs as CEO of Infor only took everything further towards the direction of market domination in the ERP industry. Infor is now seen as number 3 on the list of software service providers focused on an ERP model but that may change if we go towards the same direction in the future.


Improving The Experience Of Current Customers

One of the most important things for Charles Phillips at the moment is making sure that the current business clients are treated as great as they could be. This is quite difficult to do in the cloud market as new technologies are normally developed by other companies and the companies can decide to easily make the shift. Infor avoids this by simply offering more and more every single time they discuss with clients.

Customers that work with Infor are often analyzed by Phillips. Direct communication channels are set up and feedback is almost always requested. It is not at all difficult for customers to say what they would like to receive in the future and Infor does all that it can in order to actually reach those wishes. That is why customer satisfaction is so high at the moment.

Aggressive Acquisitions

Traditionally, most of the budget that a company has available for development is put into creating new software or apps that would be offered to customers in the future. This is not the case with Charles Phillips. His approach was tailored due to what the customers wanted. He quickly realized that it is cheaper to acquire the technology that is needed instead of developing it in-house.

Ever since he took over at Infor, Charles Phillips used most of the budget available to build acquisitions that will offer the technology that currently lacks from what Infor offers. This approach is highly remarkable and not without risk. However, at the moment we see Infor being able to offer much more complex applications that can easily offer the value that the business managers look for.

Building Efficient Teams

A huge part of the success that Charles Phillips reached in the past was due to the fact that there were some pretty effective teams that were managed by him. This is something that continued at Infor. Besides snatching some of his most trusted lieutenants from the time he was Oracle’s CEO, Phillips continued to hire people that were really good at the job that they were doing. This is something that is highly important in the modern business environment.

We can say that Charles Phillips quickly figured out the fact that team building is something that is very important for future success. You need to be sure that you always focus on the work that team members do and making the team work as efficiently as possible. That is what Phillips always focused on.