Control Your Nerves or Else You Won’t Make It to the End in an Escape Room

The idea that you are in a private room and you are somehow locked in it is already scary. Add to that the fact that you have an hour or so only to escape. The entire place is also set up to make it perfect for the escape room experience. A room with an Egyptian theme will most likely have Egyptian decor and pieces of art. There are rooms with scarier themes.

All of these factors will surely make you nervous. You are also playing with a team. This makes you feel even more anxious that everyone else will do their share in making the team win but you won’t. Given these reasons, the first thing you need to remember before entering the escape room is to control your nerves.

You have to make sure that you are psychologically ready for the challenge. There will always be reasons along the way that will make you lose your confidence. As you see the time starting to run out, you might feel even more anxious. You should still remain focused on what needs to be done. You are there to win and you should set your eyes on that goal.

Just enjoy the challenge

One way to control your nerves is to just enjoy the experience. This is not a competition. You are running against time. You are also playing with other people. It does not mean you have to end up winning. Whether you finish the game or not, the point is that you have fun. You have tried your best to do every part of the challenge. If you end up winning, you can celebrate with the people you have played with.

Use it as a learning experience

Escape rooms in London, for instance, were designed by experts in escape rooms. They have thought of every detail. These rooms were not just designed for the sake of having an escape room. Every part of the challenge and every detail of the room were carefully planned. The items you see on the floor or the decorations hanging on the ceiling may all contribute to the success of the teams playing the game. You will learn a lot as you use this experience to learn. You must not feel pressured to win. Besides, you might be inspired to do other things to mentally enrich yourself.

Try it again next time

If you have failed this time, there is always the next time. You can still do your best in order to win the challenges on your next try. There are a lot of rooms in an escape room that you can choose from. Perhaps, rooms with different themes are more suitable for you.

Nerves will surely get the best of you not just for these games but for anything else that you do in life. If you manage your nerves and you remain in control, things will get better.