Dictate a Winning Business Formula

In order for your business to continue growing and keeping its revenue stream moving forward, smart decision making is critical.

That said it is some of the simplest daily tasks in your business that can prove more challenging than you might ever expected.


For example, do you and/or your team have lots of interactions with clients? If so, are they properly handled and tracked, allowing you and your staff to get the details right the first time around?

Unfortunately, some businesses drop the ball when it comes to such daily but yet important tasks. When that happens, clients may become both frustrated and less impressed with your company. If one or both of those emotions occurs, you could be calling them former clients before long.

So, how can you best go about dictating a winning business formula, allowing your business to grow and prosper year after year?

Don’t Overlook the Obvious

So that your company can continue to bring in more clients and make sure they stay around for the long haul, keep in mind a few tips:

  • Daily tasks – For starters, whether you meet with clients daily and/or your staff has numerous in-house meetings, you need to make sure the details are correct and organized. With that being the case, using BigHand Dictate or another such provider can certainly work to your company’s benefit. Such a provider offers you digital dictation software that allows you to keep your daily business meetings and likewise tasks flowing naturally. Given how crucial your documents are to your company, making sure they are properly produced and easy to review is important. Remember, daily tasks should never be taken for granted, especially when it means keeping your clients happy;
  • Employee productivity – Nothing bothers a business owner more than if his or her employees are not as productive as they should be. Yes, you may make a few bad hires from time to time, but you want that to avoid becoming the norm. So, making sure your employees have the right tools to operate with is critical. With the right tools in their hands, there is no reason employees should not be able to do their respective jobs. Review what they need on a regular basis, making sure they come to work ready to go and end up being as productive as possible on a daily basis.

Do You Know What the Competition is Doing?

  • Keep an eye on your competitors – Even though you can’t monitor them 24/7, you should keep an eye on what your competition is up to. Are they doing things differently than you and succeeding with such practices? Do they have technology in play that your business could certainly be using to its advantage? Lastly, are their employees succeeding in bringing in new clients and turning them into long-term clients? Any or all of such practices can mean the world in one company being successful and the other just barely making a go of it;
  • Be open to embracing technology – Finally, where are you when it comes to embracing technology? Unfortunately, too many business owners tend to scale back what they invest in technology, leaving them oftentimes in a precarious position. While you no doubt have a budget with which to deal with, be open to obtaining as much technology as possible for your business. By doing so, you will stay up to speed with not only what the competition is doing, but also meeting the needs of many of your clients. In today’s digital age, countless clients want to deal with companies not afraid of expanding their technology infrastructure.

For you to dictate a winning business formula this year and years down the road, make sure you are giving both your clients and employees as much attention as possible.

As you do that, you put together a winning formula, one that can dictate many good years to come.