Make Video a Staple of Your Content

Make Video a Staple of Your Content, and watch your results dramatically improve
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While your company website has many purposes with which to serve consumers, one of its greatest opportunities is to provide the public with informative and authoritative content.

With that content, your brand can reach out to countless consumers, some of whom may never have heard of you before.

Making that content even more appealing is when you add video to your offerings.

Although blog posts and online press releases can be productive for your business, they stand to be enhanced when you have something visual to go along with them.

If this sounds like something you’re interested in for your brand, how easy do you think it will be to pull off?

Even though you or some of your employees may be handy with a video camera, do you know how to get just the right features of the subjects being filmed? Can you capture the true essence of what your content is trying to say? Would you be able to set just the right mood when it comes to lighting and background imagery?

Those are but a few of the important components to making a quality video that speaks to your content.

So, are you ready to make video a staple of your content?

Go to the Pros When Needing It Done Right

In order to get more views for your content, using an Orlando video production company or one closer to where your business resides allows your brand to tell a story, a story that is easier to sell when faces and other imagery is added.

As you consider using video to enhance your content marketing initiatives, keep in mind these two important factors:

  • The story – First and foremost, what kind of story do you want to tell consumers? Given that consumers in this day and age have a plethora of brand messages to view and digest, how will you make yours stand out from the pack? One of the ways to do this is by showing why your brand is better than all the rest. Whether you have one person or multiple people pitching your brand in a video or commercial, they have to be convincing. Take for instance customer testimonials. These can be some of the most powerful visual instruments out there for a brand. For example, if you are the maker of walkers for the elderly, having an elderly person or two in your video or commercial can be gold. Other seniors (along with younger members of the family who have senior parents or grandparents) can see how someone similar in age and perhaps medical condition is using your walker to get around. A nice video or commercial with an elderly member of the family using the walker to reconnect with his or her grandchild can not only tug at the hearts of viewers, but also make them more inclined to learn more about your product. Without that video component provided by companies in the video business such as Diamond View Studios, it would have been just another average piece of content trying to elicit sales. The key is to leave consumers with a memory of how great your product is, a memory they will not soon forget;

  • The picture – Even though some subjects are downright depressing, you do not want your brand coming off as just that. While growing old is not always a pleasant topic for some families to discuss, it is a much better option than the alternative. Finding happy and engaging senior citizens to be in such a video is important. A video production company can help you in choosing individuals that will truly sell the video to their peers. Your video production company of choice can also help you generate the content that will be such an important part of the marketing video. Lastly, make sure you keep the video relatively short. While many consumers have short attention spans as it already is, many senior citizens tend to have even less interest in being reminded that they are aging, unable to do a number of the things they did as recently as just a few years ago. Tell the story in a positive and brief manner, and then end the production.


When you make video a staple of your marketing content, your brand has the ability to reach people, people it may never had before connected with in just using content.

Use video today, giving you a better picture of tomorrow.