Patrick Lanning Oregon: Why it is Important to Send Your Child to a Good University

One of the most important indicators of where someone will end up in their life financially and socially, is the schools that they attended, and the education they received. Those went 2 top level universities and focused on careers that were in line with important areas of the economy, end up making the most money and seeing the best career advancement.

Every parent wants their child to succeed. They know that the competition amongst job candidates and fellow employees will be tough. Therefore any advantage they can give to the children will be very beneficial and helping the children compete and succeed.

This is why the best schools can be so selective and why many of them have waiting lists of students who want to attend. Parents will do all they can to get their children into the schools. This is not a US phenomenon this is the case worldwide. For instance parents in China, Brazil, Russia, and every other known country position their kids to compete for spots at the top schools in the world. Universities including Harvard, Yale, University of Chicago, Oxford in England, and the few dozen other top universities are a ticket to lifelong success for their children.

Which of these top universities offer for their stiff price tags? What would a student actually receive from an education at a top school? Is there really a difference between these top schools and those that are not as prestigious? The answer is a resounding yes and here are some of the benefits of sending your child to a top university:

A perfect learning environment

The best schools design their campuses so that students have the best chance to learn. They provide great libraries, research centers, Laboratories, and every other facility that a student could need in order to excel. They carefully maintain the atmosphere on the campus to ensure that is his Focus towards learning. Extracurricular activities unrelated to the school are forbidden, end behavior that is detrimental to learning is discouraged. Students that are accepted into the schools have a demonstrated history of focusing on getting good grades and being great students. The faculty and staff that are hired at these universities also are aligned with facilitating a quality education for the student body. Dr. Patrick Lanning Oregon based educator and administrator knows that this type of focus on learning propels students forward and towards their best outcomes.

They hire the best teachers

Part of the reason why the top universities are so expensive is because they pay to hire the top educators. At the top schools the majority of the professors are award winning and highly decorated in their respective fields. In addition to their accolades, they also have a real passion for teaching. This exuberance spreads to the students and creates an environment where innovation and invention flourish. There is an extreme Focus on ensuring that professors have the tools they need to be their best. They receive high quality support staff to ensure that their focus is always placed on teaching and not administrative tasks related to being a college professor. This frees them up to focus on what is most important, the students. Students are also given ample support to succeed. Tutors are made available for those students that need them, and close attention is paid to their academic standings to ensure they do not lose ground. Collectively this approach creates a supportive and structured learning environment.