Roger Wolfson, an Example of Where Writing Can Take You

Do you have dreams of one day becoming a writer? If so then you may have found yourself discouraged by the times in which we live, where just about everyone with an internet connection is able to become an author in their own right. It is true that it is more challenging in the modern age to become a writer but the old adage very much remains, if you are good enough, you will make it. 

Something which many young writers are seemingly unaware of is the many places where writing can take you to, beyond simply books or journals. A perfect example of this is the brilliant writer Roger Wolfson, a man who has dedicated his life to this craft and someone who can inspire a number of budding writers out there.

Roger was always aspirational and evidence of that can be seen in his two degrees and his Masters in writing. The two degrees are in politics and law, which I am sure you will agree are far from simple subjects to study. Using this education as the foundation for his career, here is what Roger ended up doing with that solid base. 


Roger was the first official speech writer ever hired by John Kerry, where he was working as a staffer before being picked by the senator. Since then Roger has gone on to work with the likes of John Liebmann and Ted Kennedy among others, lending them his pen and his wealth of experience in the world of politics. 


A sharp switch from politics to television, although let’s be honest we are very much living in an age where these two are not so separate any more. Roger gained great respect for his work on 5 episodes of the program Saving Grace, where his razor sharp wit and fast-paced script writing style perfectly complimented the show. Following this he has gone on to write for many other TV shows such as Law and Order, and he currently has his own production on Crackle about the Roman Empire. 


As if all of this wasn’t enough, Wolfson is a long time contributor to the Huffington Post and he is a regular columnist on the news site. Generally speaking about current events Wolfson has gained quite the goal following who enjoy what he has written. 

Thanks to Roger’s hard work and that studious attitude as a youngster he has put himself in a position where he is able to write just about anything. His knowledge around politics, law and writing itself have enabled him to take on many roles and it is this which has made him so valuable to so many. If you are a budding writer then just know that as long as you work hard on your craft, you will have a wide range of opportunities ahead of you, just like Roger has done throughout his career.