Poker vs. Video Poker: What Is the Difference?

Poker is the most popular card game ever. It beats blackjack, bridge, and any other game played with French playing cards (many people refer to these simply as “poker cards”), and it is here to stay, thanks in part to its insane popularity online. But there are many other games out there that are similar to poker, and the most popular of these is one called “Video Poker”. Often overlooked by poker players, this game is one of the most “poker-like” for-profit games ever invented – yet it’s still different from the classic card game loved and played by millions.


Video poker – a short history

The first poker machine – obviously, with no video involved – was invented in 1891. It was popular among the players, but never picked up by the industry. Its success was overshadowed by the slot machine, introduced a few years later. Decades later, when computers took the place of mechanics in gaming machines, the poker machine was reborn – the first true video poker game was presented in the 1970. Since then it has continuously grown in popularity, becoming one of the most played game of chance today.

What is, in fact, video poker?

Video poker is basically a single-player Five Card Draw. The game is almost the same as the one played at poker tables, with one notable difference: players win cash based on the value of their hand, according to a pay table. Video poker is considered to be a profitable game by its players, especially when the right strategies are used. It has many variants, but all of them rely on the same basic rules, borrowed from “proper” poker.

Where, and how to play

You can practice your strategy for playing video poker free at the Euro Palace online casino. It has a collection of dozens of variants on the basic game, but all of them with the same basic rules. The differences between the many video poker games at the Euro Palace are minor – usually they involve either a side bet, or a specific bonus, or simply the use of different wild cards.

Video poker works surprisingly well as a distraction – even for poker players. It’s much more casual than the proper game – players can head over to the Euro Palace and start playing in a matter of seconds. A hand is played in a few seconds, which makes it a fast-paced, exciting game. And if the need arises, you can also set it aside with the same ease as you started playing it.

Should poker players consider video poker?

They definitely should. It’s a game similar enough to poker to be familiar, yet different enough to be a relaxing alternative to ring games, that can be long and – let’s face it – sometimes boring, too.