PLAY Preschool – Cool Things to do With Kids During Lockdown

For any parents out there who are having a tough time thinking up things to do for your kids we have a couple of suggestions here which may just help you out. This is off course a strange time for us all and my  heart goes out to parents who are trying to work and entertain their kids 24/7 at the same time. In line with  our partners at the brilliant PLAY Preschool we have some simple suggestions here for what you could be doing with the kids, if you’ve already done them then fear not, we’ll be updating this soon with new activities. 

Building Dens 

We know that all kids love to build dens and it is highly probable that this is something which you are already doing with your kids. Given the amount of time which we are going to be in lockdown however there is no reason why you can’t go crazy and build a super den which stays the course. Grab your blankets, pillows, settees and any poles or mops you can find in the home and go for the Taj Mahal of dens. 

Making a Band 

Kids can let all of that creative energy out with some homemade musical instruments and if you have a few kids in the house then there is no reason you guys can’t start up your very own band. Using pots and pans for drums, cutlery for a piano and whatever you can lash to tether for guitars, mics and shakers. This is a lot of fun to do and even more fun to play. 

Creating a Play 

Another way in which your kids can showcase their creative instincts is to challenge them each to write a play, complete with a certain number of characters, and at least X amount of scenes. Ask each child to write their own and the winner will be able to act it out with the rest of the family. Not only is this something fun for them to do but they will also learn whilst they do it, you never know, this could be the beginning of finding out that you have the next Andrew Lloyd-Webber on your hands. 


Baking is a great idea for all the family and it is perfect for kids who love to get messy. Baking is far more fun and significantly less dangerous than cooking so this for me is the best place to start. Get the flour out and make some cookies, some gingerbread men or whatever takes your fancy, and give prizes at the end for the least messy, now that will be a ought competition for you to judge. 

Please share your suggestions for lockdown fun in the comments section, together we can throw all of our ideas in and learn from each other. What are you doing with your kids to stay busy and stay creative?