Premier League Predictions That Are Worth Keeping In Mind

Football is undoubtedly one of the most celebrated sports around the world. With millions of existing fans and an ever-growing fan-base, it is one of the most talked about sports in the world. Premier League is one of those football tournaments that the fans wait for by marking important dates on their calendar. The globally most loved sport is bound to be the most controversial sport too. Many people take advantage of these controversies to place friendly-wagers and professional bets on their favorite teams.

If you are one of those sports enthusiasts who love to gamble and place bets on their favorite teams, you are at the right place. At William Hill, they will help you predict the results of the upcoming Premier League matches. These results will allow you to place your best on the correct team and win a considerable amount of cash while enjoying your pint of beer in front of a large TV. The predictions for the most awaited upcoming Premier League matches are given below:

23rd September – Manchester City – Crystal Palace

Looking at the performance of Manchester City throughout the Premier League, it is safe to place your best on the team while avert placing bets on Crystal palace that has seen a constant failure throughout.

24th September – Brighton – Newcastle Utd

Just like Manchester City, Newcastle Utd is making its way to the top of the leaderboard quickly. We advise you to place your bets against Brighton and in favor of Newcastle Ltd to increase your chances of a winning hand.

25th September – Arsenal – West Brom

West Brom is currently above Arsenal on the leaderboards. However, the strong suit that Arsenal displayed in the last few matches might overturn the prediction. You might want to wait for this match to see how Arsenal performs.

Place your bets at William Hill Sports page and head to their Football section to make sure that you have the complete odds of upcoming Premier League competitions this betting season.