How the Internet Has Changed the Face of Gambling

The practice of gambling has existed for millennia, all the way back to the ancient Chinese where evidence has been found of gambling taking place on a simple game of chance, casinos started opening up around the 17th century and through the ages it has always been a popular form of making and winning money. As the years have rolled on, more and games became available to gamblers and sports betters and when the internet age dawned, the industry was rocked to its foundations and completely revolutionized. Thanks to the internet, gambling is one of the World’s largest industries and here are just some of the ways that the internet has altered the way in which we gamble.


More Companies

The internet means that betting and gambling companies don’t need to open shops and casinos up and down the country, this has led to far more companies being created. There are lots of companies like Netbet who solely operate online and as such they can focus all of their efforts on giving the best satisfaction to online customers without needing to pay rent on properties or employees to man them.


The age of internet gambling has brought with it huge promotions and offers, something that scarcely existed when gambling was a physical activity. Welcome offers, boosted bet prices, free reel spins and other individual special offers are just some of the methods which online bookmakers and casinos use to entice gamblers to use their company such is the competition in the industry.

Mobile Gambling

Gambling has literally never been easier than it is right now, so simple in fact that we can place bets and play casino games right from our pocket through the use of smartphone apps. The simplicity of gambling has significantly increased the number of people getting involved in it which means there is much more money flying around the industry than ever before.

New Features

Because of the technology attached to gambling now, it has brought about many new features which make it easier for people to bet money and play casino games. There are far more casino games available now, many of which are akin to computer games. For sports gamblers the added feature of ‘cash-out’ has revolutionized the way in which we bet, this feature allows punters to cash out of their bet early for a reduced price, perfect for those who get nervous.

More Markets

With so many more people gambling now, the amount of markets on which gamblers have available has increased significantly, especially when it comes to sports. Take football for example, in the past you could bet on the winner, the score, the goalscorer and perhaps a combination scorer and score, these days you can gamble on everything down to the minute of a goal, how many goals in the game, yellow cards, red cards, first corner and everything in between.


Because the physical nature of gambling has been cut out through the use of the internet, this means that people can bet faster than before. Odds changes can be taken advantage of with speed, money is returned into your account faster than before and you can even bet on sports in-play, something that was previously unavailable, it is due to this speed that the numbers of people gambling has increased so dramatically.