Nine University Reviews – What People Are Saying About The Nine University

A great deal has been said and written about Nine University in recent years since they released their course which focuses on teaching students how to launch a successful Amazon FBA business. The reason why so many have been discussing this course is because of the big claims which have been made around how much money some of the ex-students of Nine University have claimed to have been making with their Amazon business, and whether or not those claims are true. 

I had heard about this before and decided to take a look for myself, mainly because I was very keen to start my own Amazon FBA business. I checked out the Nine University reviews and here is what they had to say. 

Success Stories

Let’s get started with those success stories which people have been talking about after completing this course, they are backed up by an awful lot of evidence. Unlike many of the things which you see on social media with spurious claims about untold wealth overnight, the success stories from ex-Nine University students are backed up with clear data which shows how much they are killing it. The refreshing thing about these reviews is that they are mixed up with many people who aren’t killing it, who are simply trying hard to make it work and this mixture gives a perfect picture of what to expect. 


A few courses which I have looked at appear to be the type where you simply get the study materials and then you are on your own, something which has slightly put me off in the past. Something which is a common theme when you read through the Nine University reviews however is the fact that there is a wealth of support which you can depend on whenever you need it. This is something which has inspired me to take on the course to be honest as I just know that I’ll run into difficulties. 

All Comers

When I first began to consider studying this course I had some real reservations  because if truth be told I have never been that good when it came to computers and the idea of launching a business was completely foreign to me. I was greatly encouraged then when I was reading all of these reviews from people just like me, who had managed to get great value from the course depute not knowing a great deal. This clearly proves that the course has been designed in such a way that it can appeal to those who know a great deal about business and Amazon, as well as to people like me who really don’t know their way around. 

Ultimately this looks to be a well designed and well supported course which is helping a huge number of people to achieve their dreams of running a business and doing so with Amazon, if you are interested then I’d certainly recommend checking it out.