Safety Features to Consider When Buying a New Car

When buying a new car, safety is one of the most important things you need to consider. More than fuel efficiency or cost or style, safety is what matters most. After all, your life or the life of your family could be hanging in the balance. So consider these safety points before your decide on what vehicle to buy.


Vehicle Size and Weight

The laws of physics show that larger heavier vehicles hold up in accidents better and have a better survival rate for bad crashes. Small cars have almost double the number of fatalities than heavier vehicles. In crashes with large and small vehicles the smaller vehicle gets pushed by the larger vehicle, absorbing the force and impact and resulting in more injury.

Road Experience

Other design characteristics also play a role in how safe a vehicle ends up being. Some cars are known as speeders, some have a tendency to flip easier, others have issues with breaking, blind spots, tire wear, or other safety issues that can come into play. Make sure you consider track records for performance and safety for the vehicle you’re considering.


Structural Design

A good structural design in a vehicle is essential to keeping occupants safe in the event of an accident. The best vehicles hold up well with head on collisions, side impacts, and roll-overs. These impact zones should be designed to keep damage away from the insides where the passengers sit and the best vehicles have proven impact zone excellence.

Restraint Systems

You will want to make sure your vehicle has good seat belts, airbags and head restraints that will hold up in an accident and keep you safe. Check for any recalls or safety concerns while you are checking out the restraint systems on your vehicle list.


Daytime Running Lights

These are a dimmer version of your normal night time headlights that turn on every time your car engine is on. They help improve safety by increasing the contrast between your vehicle and the surroundings, thus making the vehicles more visible and more obvious to other drivers on the road. This reduces the chance of a ‘I didn’t even see them’ accident.

Anti-Lock Brakes

When you brake hard there is a chance your tires and brakes will lock up and the vehicle will skid and slide out of control as you try to stop. Anti-lock brakes help the car stop without the jamming and skidding, thus helping you stay in control as you bring the car to a stop.

Buying a new car is a big deal and the safety of yourself and you family and friends who may be riding with you are of the utmost importance. So consider these points as you shop around for a new vehicle and remember an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure and a little time spent now can keep you safe down the road.


The following was a post by Sarah Jo Lorenz-Coryell