Tips for choosing the right criminal attorney

Choosing the right criminal attorney is vital when charged of a serious crime ... photo by CC user Rappaport Center on Flickr

When you have been charged with a crime that could expose you to significant fines, jail time, and having a felony conviction hung around your neck, it’s easy to panic.

It’s important to remain calm though, and focus on choosing the right criminal attorney that will give you the best chance of being acquitted.

If you are looking for some Mississauga criminal lawyers, there are many excellent choices, but before you deploy your cash on any one of them, make certain your pick addresses your needs in the best manner possible.

Below, we go over several factors that you should consider you make your decision on which attorney you want to go with…

1) Hire a lawyer that specializes in the crime of which you are accused of committing

In order to have a fighting chance of beating the state’s case against you, it is vital that the lawyer you hire specializes in the type of crime that the prosecution is accusing you of committing; For example, Mass Tsang LLP criminal lawyers in Toronto actively take on cases dealing with impaired driving, drugs, and traffic tickets.

If the state is pursuing legal action against you for a speeding citation that you know if a bunch of baloney, this firm would be a great one to hire for your defense in court.

2) Meet in person and grill them with questions

After narrowing down a list of firms that will be able to adequately represent you based on the charges that have been levied against you, you should find out which lawyers within them are best suited to take on your case.

Figure out how many years they have been serving clients, how many of their cases have involved individuals charged with serious crimes, their success in getting charges dismissed or reduced, and so on.

While they are in the hot seat, note their communication skills and their reactions to certain queries … the ease in which they answer will reveal whether they will perform well for you in the legal arena.

3) Work out a fee and payment schedule that works for the both of you

Finding a great lawyer that will defend you against overzealous prosecutors is one thing, but for many folks, paying their representatives in the courtroom is another matter entirely.

While the fees that many of these professionals charge can induce fainting in some people, many lawyers are willing to negotiate a payment plan that will allow you to avoid paying a crippling amount of money up front.

Other firms employ a sliding scale on their fees based on their client’s personal income, which helps to better ensure equality of access to quality legal representation.